Can the Hawks...

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Sustain their own title? After two failed attempts, Hawkworld, etc, Is it now time for DC to give the Hawks their own title again - or would it crash and burn again?

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I don't know, Hawkman has actually been one of Dc's most fortunate heroes. He's been in several comics, and he has a handful of his own comics.

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I would love for them to have their own comic again. Would it last? I don't now but I will buy it if they make it.
The last one was excellent until they switched to Hawkgirl instead of Hawkman ( not that Hawkgirl is bad but thats when it went to shit with bad writing and crappy art)

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I think the Hawks deserve their own comic, and the attention they are getting in Brightest Day may lead up to them getting their own title. Honestly, the only reason why the last book tanked was because it was a Hawkgirl only book by the end. Bad idea, bad creative team, etc.  Their new purpose of attacking Seth straight on is definitely a new direction I would love to see, especially if they can break their rebirth cycle.
I doubt Geoff Johns will write it himself(how many books does he even do a month? Three or so?) but get someone who understands the Hawks and the book will soar(bad pun intended) above the competition.

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