hawkwoman or hawkgirl

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so now we have another hawk her name is Shayera so is she going to be hawkgirl or hawkwoman

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Question. Do the Alan Scott & GLC versions exist on the same earth?

Do Jay Garrick & Barry Allen exist on the same earth?

Why cant the Golden & alien Hawks co-exist on the same earth?

Why not make Kator Hol the GL of Thanagar, & have Carter Hall be Hawkman?

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@COBRAMORPH: I want these answers as well.

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Those Hawk bras look very interesting. Maybe main earth Shayera will be hawkwoman rather than ladyhawke. I know the earth 2 hispanic is called Hawkgirl. Alan Scott is on earth 2. Jay Garrick is on earth 2. Golden age Hawkman (blonde) and silver age hawkman (black hair) can't coexist on main earth bec. both of them are named Carter Hall. DC has decided to have no Carter Hall on earth 2 but hispanic Hawkgirl has been allowed on earth 2. Dc prefers Katar Hol to be the hawkman on main earth and the silver age Katar Hol had secret identity of Carter Hall. The New 52 reboot favors the silver age versions so we have Barry is Flash, Katar Hol/Carter Hall (black hair) is Hawkman. For the new 52 reboot, Katar Hol hair color changed to brown. In the silver age, Shayera Thal (Shiera Hall) was a red head. Golden age hawkgirl Shiera Hall had brown hair. The new 52 rebooted Shayera Thal seems to be still a red head.

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