Come Back, Kendra, Come Back!

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So I hate Shiera Hall.
Kendra Saunders was a well-crafted character. We watched a troubled young woman became a true hero over the years. She was far more interesting than any of her predecessors and as a result was much more prominent in the DC Universe.  Plus I dug her short air and killer abs. Sure, the post-Infinite Crisis breast inflation was somewhat odd, but overall a great character.
Now she's gone. And what's sad in no one in the DC Universe cares. She was in both the JLA and JSA, knew tons of super-heroes, loved some of them, and the closest to a memorial she gets is Arsenal reminiscing briefly about how good she was in the sack.  While she had Shiera's soul for a time, eventually that passed on and she was completely Kendra. So during Blackest Night a woman died, a hero died, and none of her friends care. Carter, whom she told she loved right before her death, doesn't give a damn because he's got his redhead back.
And now on to that redhead. So far she's been nothing but a lovey-dovey sidekick flying two steps behind her man.  We got a caricature for the price of a character.  So I'm sendning out telepathic signals to Geoff Johns asking him to ditch her and bring back the Hawkgirl he created, the real Hawkgirl. And that's Kendra.

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i agree i loved Kendra more i loved her charater her figure and her perfect sexy tummy. the only other hawkgirl i love is the cartoon one.
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I second the bring back Kendra "movement"

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@ForbushBug: What do you mean the character he created. James Robinson created her.
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I thought they were basically the same person. I mean yea, each has their own life but isnt one just a reincarnation of another one?
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You know they should just make Shiera Hawkwoman, and Kendra Hawkgirl, that way fans can support what ever character they want.  Also Shiera and Carter can be together, and Kendra can do her own thing.

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For now it should be "Come Back, Hawkgirl, Come Back!"

Any news about Hawkgirl in the DC reboot?

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@jarsamson: Isn't it universally agreed that Hawkman's 2006 ongoing was good until it became a Hawkgirl-centric title? I haven't read it myself, but if it is true, I'm fine with her return being held off for a while. I'm sure they have some sorta plan for her, she's pretty much synonimous with Hawkman.

What is Hawkgirl's status on Earth-2? I guess she has a chance of being in the upcoming JSA title that's set in that universe, right?

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@Adnan: Yes the Hawkman book was great until they made it a Hawkgirl book but it was not because of Kendra just bad art and writing and I mean BAD that book sucked.

In the new 52 I would like to see Kendra as a teen side kick maybe have her join the Teen Titans that would kick ass

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