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Okay when Betty Kane was firs introduced she was the Golden Age Bat-Girl.  

Golden Age Betty


Her past as the first Bat-Girl was taken out and she reappeared as Flamebird.  

Bette as Flamebird

This was a clever homage to a Superman story where Superman became Nightwing and Jimmy Olsen used the name Flamebird. She used this name for a while and in recent years stopped appearing as much.  
The World of New Krypton introduced a new Flamebird who was a character named Thara Ak Var in Action Comics.  

Thara now Flamebird

Bette appears again in Detective Comics no longer a super heroine. 

More Recent Bette

Both Action and Detective are written by Greg Rucka at the moment. And he said in some panel Q and A last summer that Bette was no longer Flamebird at all
My questions are, that why are there two pages to one character? This page is called Flamebird so is it just a Post Crisis Bette Kane page? Should this be just a Flamebird (Bette Kane) page? Should this be just a Flamebird page that includes information on Jimmy Olsen, Ak Var, Bette Kane and Thara? (If that is done then should there be plain Nightwing Page but that's just one more page I don't think needs to exist)  Personally I don't see the need for two pages I think one should just be called Bette Kane pure and Simple.  

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I think this page is supposed to be a mantle page for Flamebird and anyone who has used the title (DC makes things so difficult). Bette Kane has her own page already: Bat-Girl
In my opinion, the set up is a little backward. Most of the info on this page should be on Bette's page, with this page mostly being info on who has taken the mantle of Flamebird. Any specific character info should be on the other page. I couldn't really say where I would start though.

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this question has come up for many characters and I think the best way to do it would be to only have pages for their street have a page for Jimmy, Bette Kane, Dick Grayson and so on and have their superhero identities as alias's

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comic vine is terribly unorganized like that

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@Nike Skylark:
Unorganized, yes, but don't be so quick to blame everything on Comicvine.  A problem with Bette is that she's been weaving in and out of limbo for such a long time, that there's a good chance many writers never even knew she existed.  The result is that she's been a character in transition for a long time, and the name Flamebird just hangs in there.  Right now, she still wants to be a heroine, but we don't know if she's going to be known as Flamebird, or change to another alias just like Nightwing.  But realistically, putting yourself in the characters' own perspective, the thing to remember is that the Flamebird is the character from Superman's supporting cast way back when, and both Bette and Thara Ak Var, along with any one else who takes up the mantle, is getting the name from that original.  She still gets the Flamebird page over the newcomer for now because the original was a silver-age character, and hence, not from the same universe.  Still, depending on what happens, the page will likely change just like it did for Dick Grayson, formerly Nightwing, now
It's just taking longer to resolve with Bette.  Does it really matter, though?  It's not like "Green Lantern" or "The Flash" describes one person or even two, so isn't two Flamebirds pretty manageable?
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@johnny spam: She's Flamebird again!

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