Hawkeye #12

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The Good

If you read the glorious last issue, you might've scratched your head a little when you saw a mysterious derelict-looking guy hanging around Hawkeye's apartment, getting beat up by the Bros. Lately we've been seeing occasional scenes from a different character's perspective and that's what we get here. This gives us more answers (and some have already speculated over the identity of the guy). It's a fascinating look at seeing what was happening around last issue's adventure focused on Pizza Dog.

Matt Fraction also gives us some insight into Hawkeye's past. We've seen some mention before but the way it's presented here does tell us more about Clint and perhaps why he's a bit self-destructive.

What can be said about Francesco Francavilla's art that hasn't been said before? The layouts are phenomenal in giving a great deal of variation in even the simplest scenes. The colors add to the vibe of the story and it's great seeing an artist that can capture the smallest change in expressions that truly conveys what is going on in each characters' mind.

What at first feels like a slight departure from the series actually turns out to be a great change of pace that didn't feel as if it was needed.

The Bad

There's not a lot of Hawkeye in this issue. Well, there is some, sort of. No real complaints otherwise.

The Verdict

Matt Fraction is continuing to shake things up instead of just telling the same story over and over. Each issue manages to contain a great story with superb art. The way Fraction is mixing up the presentation or angle of certain issues keeps you guessing as to what's coming next. What you do know is it's going to be a great issue. Francesco Francavilla always manages to draw great scenes and his storytelling abilities are always evident. HAWKEYE marches to its own beat in the Marvel Universe and that's great. We need more comics that think outside the box and deliver fun and different stories.

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This issue broke my heart.

I don't remember why or how Barton got so down on his luck, and I didn't know he and Clint were cool. I just...loved this.

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@the_mast: That's the great thing about the recap/credits page. They're funny and informative.

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Heck yeah Trickshot!

So happy to see him back, and the fact that after their two minutes were up, Barney showed them a real fighters capabilities, and then when they high tailed it outta there, he let that one arrow fly!

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I sincerely hope that Fraction never leaves the tiles he's working on now, specifically this and FF (not to be confused with Fantastic Four, although that's a pretty awesome title right now too). He is awesome.

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I hope Trickshot get's a new costume.

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I need to get this! LOL

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Another month, another amazing issue of Hawkeye. Francavilla's art is unstoppable!

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The thing I love about this is that they are bringing in another cast member... who is another Hawkeye, since Barney took the role in Dark Avengers.

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I finally dropped this book

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Man...this issue broke my heart.

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@daredevil21134: Bro. Seriously, bro. Why did you do that? This book is fantastic.

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This is my favorite comic by far. This issue was great. It had a nice feel good ending. If you're one of the posters who are dropping this, I don't know what you think a good comic is... But this is one of them. It's probably the only comic I read over a coupl times as well as take a closer look at the art. If I could have only one comic, it would be Hawkeye.

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I'm just wondering, is barney going to replace kate for a bit, cause if so I'm a okay with that. Always good to see more relationships, maybe we'll get some others from clint's supporting cast in future issue after some time with barney.

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@gothamred: Kate is going to be in every other issue doing whatever she is doing in California.

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@daredevil21134: Bro. Seriously, bro. Why did you do that? This book is fantastic.

Hawkeye and Mockingbird was fantastic.

@daredevil21134: I keep debating about doing the same.

I love Hawkeye,he's my second favorite after Daredevil. Some people might disagree but this book doesn't feel like Hawkeye to me.More like Hawkjoke

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Last I saw of Barney was in Hawkeye Blindspot. The two were not on best of terms then. I know he was in Dark Avengers. Did something happen in that series where him and Clint patched things up?

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I'm not reading this if Pizza Dog doesn't make an appearance, straight up. OK I JUST WANT PIZZA DOG IN EVERYTHING

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I love this book! I don't see dropping this while Fraction is on the title.

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Hawkguy never dissapoints!

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Bro, this issue was fantastic, bro! One of the best I've read in a while, bro.

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This was a brilliant issue and much better than last issue which although fun slightly disappointed me.

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I just didn't care about anything that happened. I don't care about this guy. I want to see where the villain they spent an entire issue introducing is heading. But it's been two issues and I got nothing. Also, the "bro bro bro bro bro bro bro bro bro" and "seriously seriously seriously seriously" dialogue just felt stupid. I'm usually fine with the dialogue, but here, it felt incredibly unnatural. Overall, I'm disappointed.

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