Would you rather see Hawkeye wearing this in 'The Avengers'?

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Glory THAT!!
Earth-1610 Ultimate

By the way can anyone tell me why he's ditched the arrows for guns?

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I'm pretty happy with what he's got now.

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I'm liking the outfit he has. It just seems more practical and utilitarian. I've never understood the need for everyone to have a mask.

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No... But I don't like his current uniform either.

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Heck yes!!

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Now what he has on is fine to me. I don't think he ditched the arrows I think he just prefers the guns or something. I know he still uses them though

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I'd rather not see Hawkeye in the Avengers movie at all

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he ditched the bow and arrow for a time after Black Widow had killed his family and went to the guns....he's now back to the bow and arrow

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I wouldn't mind him wearing this in 616.And i'd rather Jeremy Renner not play him.

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Hell yeah! That Ultimate Hawkeye costume is bada$$.
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Good lord no; that outfit is terrible. The one Jeremy Renner has on is far superior.

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He hasn't ditched arrows for guns

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i feel that they just threw him in to shut up fan boys.... *id rather have giant man*... too many guuuunssss i want old fashion buffalo hunting tools

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To be honest, the Ultimate costume has more of a "Grifter" vibe than it does a "Hawkeye" one.

I seriously feel like I'm looking at Grifter.

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He's basically getting a 616 version of his Ultimate costume

Looks like they're gonna modernise him so her resembles the movie Hawkeye

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I knew this was going to happen. I don't see what was wrong with his original costume. Or the one he has now. If they had to hange his costume why not have something similar to Green Arrow's new costume it looks sick.

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i'd like to see that in the next movie for sure, though i'd still want him to stick with the arrows

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Yes I would. Kinda reminds me of Splinter Cell.

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I would really love that, because if they covered up his face I don't have to look at Jermey Renner... I think that he's too old to play Hawkeye, talented actor he may be but he's old and looks like somebody's dad.

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@Baddamdog: I'd say it's about time for his new look, tbh. That stupid looking H on his head was absurd. :)

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That costume actually kind of sucks...

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No, it's just not practical for a 'real-life' personification.

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the ultimate universe costume is really beast i wish thats what he was wearing

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@luckydomino1 said:

the ultimate universe costume is really beast i wish thats what he was wearing

hell yeah

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@difficlus said:

Heck yes!!

this looks great. some kind of bad boy lol crazy outfit really cool

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The new costume is awful!!!!!!!!

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THat costume is badass, but I don't think it'd translate to the big screen too well. However I'm not a big fan of the costume they have him wearing, its pratical and real but I think they could have taken it a little more in the Smallville Green Arrow costume direction.

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I'd like to see the classic mask costume, but it doesn't matter since he's been miscast anyway.

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Yes he should wear that. His costume in the movie just looks to.....plain.

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I actually think the outfit he's wearing in the movie looks pretty cool.

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I don't know if that would work in the movie.

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No. He should be wearing this

Avengers #
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a little late for bumping.

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@TheCannon said:

No. He should be wearing this

Avengers #

I agree it may be cheezy but its classic damn it.

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To a degree yes, but not on the open battlefield, maybe just in a specialized stealth mission or nighttime action scene.

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I like the movie hawkeye.

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