Why no pre-Avengers "Hawkeye" movie?

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How come Hawkeye is the only character from the Avengers movie that won't have a movie lead-up movie like everybody else has? I think when people watch Avengers they'll be able to obviously recognize Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, and Captain America... but they're gonna say "Who's the guy in purple?"

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I going to assume its just because the character is not as well known as the rest. Its a shame. Have you read any of the new Hawkeye & Mockingbird series? I recently caught up on it and WOW!
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Yes it has been great.
@G Bird:

I will know who that guy in the purple is!!!!
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maybe because hawkeye couldn't sustain a comic for 6 issues
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They are making pre-Avengers movies for big three, which are Cap, Thor and Iron Man. Hawkeye is not that popular.

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Probably because it will take 2 seconds to introduce him and explain him as a SHIELD agent in The Avengers.

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Cause Hawkeye is sadly not as popular.
I mean, his book, Hawkeye and Mockingbird, is canceled.  ALREADY!

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Hopefully the movie will increase his popularity. It's strange that before I started getting into comics, I remember Hawkeye being pretty well known even with non-comic readers, but I had no idea who Daredevil or Ghost Rider were. I guess time hasn't been kind to the character.

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@Cafeterialoca said:
" Cause Hawkeye is sadly not as popular. I mean, his book, Hawkeye and Mockingbird, is canceled.  ALREADY! "
Couldn't have said it better.  I get the feeling he's going to be for the Avengers movie what Black Widow was to Iron Man II.
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A few things: 
1. We don't know for sure if Hawkeye will be even waring purple, lol 
2. For those of you saying that he's not popular enough, then how do you explain the Ant-Man movie on the works? 
3. It's still early. For all we know, Hawkeye will be a hit for the moviegoers watching the Avengers. If people like him enough on there, maybe they'll give him a shot of getting his own movie.  
4. Jeremy Renner is signed on to play Hawkeye in multiple movies just like everyone else who signed their contracts. Maybe Marvel's considering it right now as we speak. 

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@Overkill said:
" They are making pre-Avengers movies for big three, which are Cap, Thor and Iron Man. Hawkeye is not that popular. "
Even though he isn't as popular as the big three it would still be nice to see a solo movie for him before Avengers.
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Hell, a movie about him and Mockingbird would be killer... but they're not going to include Mockingbird in there (meaning Avengers).  I just read the first issue of H&M and I loved it... will be reading the other five and I'm saddened that it got cancelled.  I just recently got into comics... had I started earlier, my bucks would have gone to this series, and maybe, just maybe, it wouldn't have gotten cancelled. :)  Personally, I feel that Marvel cancels series way too early.

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all you hawkeye and mockingbird fans you should send a message to marvel that you liked that serie (i did) maybe they reconsider to pick it up again.

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Hawkeye wasn't one of the original Avengers, so it makes sense that he wouldn't get his own movie. He didn't join until Thor, Iron Man, Antman, and Wasp all left.

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Avengers #4
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Cap, Iron Man, and Thor make the main "trinity" of the avengers, and the Hulk is a pop-culture icon, so it makes sense for them to have their own movies and not Hawkeye.

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they'll probably do a hawkeye movie after the avengers
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Cuz Hawkeye is kinda like Black Widow, try them out in another character's movie and see if they're popular. I'm still hoping for a Black Widow like role in Captain America or Thor.
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Hawkeye is cool
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@G Bird:  Because unless your a comic nerd like all of us or watched that shit poor Avengers series from the 90's you probably have never even heard of the character before if the Avenger's series out now came out a few years ago they might have given him a movie because he would have been more recognizable by non fanboys but I guess we'll have to just wait and see what happens
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the hood ain't checkin' for hawkeye

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