Why Marvel should bring back H&M.

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I have loved hawkeye (In a non-homosexual manner) since I was a kid (thats the 80's). When I went Overseas i heared from my wife that they were making an ongoing series of Hawkeye and Mockingbird I lost it. This was the best news since my kids were born. I read all the issues as soon as I came home and loved every minute of it. Then I heared on the inter-web that they were cancelling the series after widowmaker. That was BS! Jim Mccann did such an amazing job with the series and Blindspot they should have kept the series going there was so much room for the series to progress. The Characters were solid and same with villains. What are you thoughts on the limited series that could have been?

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They are solid, unfortunately these ideas would have to be run through the chief creative officer at the time (Joe Quesada), and he would have to sign off on this idea and run it to the editor. funny enough Joe is not going to be in the building as much now adays outside of directing future events as he is busy being a consultant on marvel movies and shows.

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@Omegus: I still don't kmow why it was cancelled

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