Should Marvel steal the Supermax idea?

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I remember a couple years ago there were rumors about a DC comic movie being made about a hero (likely Green Arrow) ending up in prison with a number of DC villains. I thought it could be a good idea, people might not go see a Green Arrow otherwise. And it would be a way to introduce some DC supervillains to be used in other movies.

Now my question is after the Avengers movie should Marvel do something similar with Hawkeye and the Thunderbolts. The current Thunderbolts operate out of a supervillain prison and Hawkeye was the first legitimate heroic leader of the team. I could definitely see them developing a Thunderbolts type movie with Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye bringing together some super-villains for a team. Could be the perfect way to introduce some other characters who haven't gotten their own movies or are hard to introduce like Wonder Man and such. If they end up making the Ant-Man movie maybe even Hank Pym could be involved in the program, a door into becoming an Avenger.

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Supermax is still listed on imdb, set to come out this year, although there is no info on it. And still if you click on anything you must be a subscriber, lame. Anyways I always thought it could be a great premise but not for the Green Arrow so I'm kinda glad it didn't work out.

Now the premise you propose with Hawkeye would be awesome, especially with a thunderbolts tie-in.

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