power vs. skill

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I don't know what it is but superheros who rely on skill (Hawkeye) rather than power (Superman) are so much cooler. What do you think? P.s. I am sorry to those Superman fans I've already pissed off but I couldn't think of a better example of a powerful hero. Sorry.

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Yeah, like Nightcrawler.

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skill is much more impressive

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- Skill is more impressive than power, one is earned and the other is for the most part given

- I do not agree that unpowered heroes are inherently better, a character with powers (but not insanely overpowered like Superman) can use their abilities with skill and in new ways that could arguably make them more interesting. Also you need to take into account that a character is more than just a skillset or powerset, characterization is key.

- Overall I do not think there is a general answer, it is more about looking at each character on their own merits and rating them based on perspective.

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It all depends on the writer and how they utilize a character.

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