Keep it in your pants Hawkeye!

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Ok, now I recognise that Hawkeye is one cool cat! He's pure awesome. I also recognise that part of his charm is that he's a ladies man, but seriously...does anyone think his growing relationship with Spider-Woman in Avengers is a little overkill even for him? He JUST kinda/sorta ended things with Mockingbird! And before that he had a dalliance with both Scarlet Witch and the Wasp. What other female Avengers will Marvel decide to pair him up with next?! It's just crazy; what a himbo!


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Diden't Hawkeye also had a relationship with crystal to?

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Hey dont hate the player. The dudes enjoying his life

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Haha! I get it and major props to him but even so, I don't think it's necessarily a good thing for the dynamics of the team. I forgot that Hawkeye also had a thing with Black Widow too! And if he did indeed get with Crystal as well that's potentially 4 - 5 big name female Avengers he's had relations with!! Is there anyone on the team who can resist his charms?!


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@Radiate said:

Is there anyone on the team who can resist his charms?!

Cap maybe?

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What happened with him and Mockingbird?

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Hawkeye is allowed to get around if he wants to.

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@soccersss: Don't hate the playa hate the writer.

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Playa gonna play

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I say let him go for it, if he wants to be a smooth pimp daddy good for him, I'd rather see him being a man-whore and hooking up with all the female Avengers instead of Tony.

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I don't see what's wrong with that. 

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I think I see what you're saying. Clint is definitely a smooth ladies man, it's part of his character but does it always have to be a big league avenger? Is it seeming a little forced? I think he and his latest squeeze does seem a little out of no where but I guess Barton just has things for high status women. I would rather this than him be with Paris Hilton or Gaga.

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Tony's worse. So's She-Hulk (though I think she and Clint had a thing too so that counts against him too). These big personalities working together odds are they're going to fall into bed together sometime.
And I don't think Clint ever had anything with Crystal, I think that was Dane Whitman.

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If this was a female character I could see the comments being more along the lines of the ones Starfire has been receiving.

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Clint Barton is a slut, and all of that due to Bendis. It seems like Bendis' doing his best to make Hawkeye into the super-slut of the Marvel Universe.

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He needs to spread his seeds, find fertile ground to plant them

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@venomoushatred1001 said:

What happened with him and Mockingbird?

I'm curious about this as well.

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Bad writing happened. ^_^

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Marvel doesn't know what to do

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