hawkeye movie costume

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concept art
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no, thats a marvel ultimate alliance load screen... sorry

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BITCH!! the website i got it from said "hawkeye movie concept art"

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I tried googling the concept art and all I got was Gordon talking to Elmo about the alphabet, as usual. This is why I'm patient.

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@sesquipedalophobe: I got it from the blog "indie wire"
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While this is obviously not concept art for the film I imagine the costume will likely look more like the Ultimate version than 616.

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There is a version of this type of uniform that Ultimate Hawkeye seems to be currently using. It looks similar to this, with an Olympic archer feel, but instead of red it's a deep purple. It would work honestly, and it would look good.


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Theres a clip of it from Thor:

Not much to see yet. 
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Disney showed the costume in a sizzle reel at CinemaCon back in March. According to superherohype, it looks similar to his Ultimate costume but with a SHIELD logo.

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