Hawkeye Cameo in Thor Confirmed?

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Probably more like this...    

Jeremy Renner might have spoken too soon last year about whether Hawkeye would be showing up in THOR. Here we are, a month or so away from the release of that flick, and the rumored-and-denied cameo has been confirmed over at Cinema Blend. Basically, he’ll be a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent with a bow ‘n arrow who shoots a little breeze with Agent Phil Coulson (remember that dude?) You can actually find a pretty thorough breakdown of the scene (as well as a lot about the CAP movie, as well) at SHH, but I’m keeping the spoilers more surface-level here in the interests of those who’d like a little taste instead of a whole bite. It does seem kind-of obvious this would happen, considering how early on they signed Renner. You just knew there had to be more going on than him simply pre-registering his Avengers membership.

Anyway, from the sounds of it, Mr. Barton’s just going to be wearing a non-descript S.H.I.E.L.D. outfit, and it’ll probably be more in the vein of Black Widow’s understated ensemble instead of the showy white and bright blue outfits from the comics. Obviously, the next question is what suit he’ll wear once it gets to AVENGERS time? I’d put money down betting it’s not going to be the classic “purple bird” outfit, but some riff on his more practical suits from the ULTIMATES. Like maybe a minimalistic combat jumpsuit with subtle purple coloring. Do you maniacs concur?

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Finally!! :D

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this news is on target,  


hope its "accurate"


like my puns

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Cool...Purple Green Arrow!

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Can't wait
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 I prefer a cameo of Hank and Ms. Pym in Thor movie and Hawkeye in The First Avenger.

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Since it seems that the movies all have had a tinge of Ultimates influence, I'm thinking they'll go with the more practical suits.  Either way, I'm glad they're linking him in a little bit. 

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Hi ! 
Thanks for the spoil... 
Hihane washte.
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Oh, Man!!! I can not wait for this.

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Good news

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Even more reason to see the movie. . .

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The main reason I like Hawkeye is because of his purple and blue cowl. That picture right there, that suit is gay. What's practical about that unless he was a gay superhero. It sucks. Ultimate Hawkeye sucks. Mainstream Hawkeye rules. I'm not happy. They could've at least done a dark purple and black version of his mainstream costume. Renner is not right for the role anyway, not the mainstream version anyway. I don't see the point of having Hawkeye without the signature mask.

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never thout clint would make it on the big screen, good for him
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i hope its ultimate outfit with 616 bow and arrow 

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Jermey Renner as Hawkeye?! 
The outfit will work. 
Looks like Red Arrow's outfit in "Young Justice" 
or vice versa.
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If they really are going with the Ultimate Hawkeye look, it better be the new Ultimate Hawkeye look. His first Ultimates costume just doesn't say "super-hero-archer-dude" to me.

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If he's not in purple, then I'm walking out... Okay, well maybe not (don't want to miss any of the Beardy Thor-ness)

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@xerox-kitty said:
" If he's not in purple, then I'm walking out... Okay, well maybe not (don't want to miss any of the Beardy Thor-ness) "
How about if they had Thor in purple and a bearded Hawkeye?
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At first I was : l  and now I am : D 

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about freakin time!!! 
i can understand them not using his cowl but i wish the rest of the costume could be true to the comics

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@Jabor said:
"  I prefer a cameo of Hank and Ms. Pym in Thor movie and Hawkeye in The First Avenger. "
A cameo wouldn't make sense in The First Avenger, none of them are old enough and it would just confuse people.
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@xerox-kitty said:
" If he's not in purple, then I'm walking out... Okay, well maybe not (don't want to miss any of the Beardy Thor-ness) "
pfff no maybe about it, no way would you walk out on nordic bearded goodness :P
He still reminds me too much of Heath Ledger though and I get sad every time I hear him speak :(
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I hope the costume is not just black with a hint of purple. It might be like Green Arrow's costume in Smallville (but purple).

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I like it when the fanboys rage over nothing at all, Hawkeye's purple outfit is not cool by any stretch of the imaginaton. Hell it's borderline silly to be honest, the Ultimate looks were meant to more real and functinal.To be something that actual atlethic people would wear into combat. I wouldn't mind if it was his more recent Ultimate look with the Dark Purple & Black but anything even resembling his 616 look thats not Ronin is just plain awful
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As much as I hate the Ultimate look (more because I think Ultimate Hawkeye is a complete jerk), I agree that the purple won't work. Anyway let's be honest, there aren't many bowslingers heroes in the MU, and surely none that you might wish at your side facing Thor, except for Hawkeye.

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he better shoot someone with an arrow.

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Good news :-)
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@xerox-kitty said:
" If he's not in purple, then I'm walking out... Okay, well maybe not (don't want to miss any of the Beardy Thor-ness) "
lol i knew the beard would be to much for you
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Sweet. I'm looking forward to that. Does he have the bow with him in that scene?
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He needs his cowl. If Cap can wear the mask, or in this case mask/helmet hybrid, Hawkeye should wear his cowl. Batman doesn't run around without his mask. The 616 look is iconic, that's why he's still more popular than the crappy ultimate version.  
I don't care what anybody says, his 616 look is cool. They should put it in the movie except as a darker purple and black instead of blue.
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This is how Ultimate Hawkeye looks now. 

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i think they did a great job choosing renner for the role of hawkeye but i HATE the fact that all the movies are more like the "ultimates" universe. part of the reasons why comics are so great is not cuz the heroes are more realistic in a modeern world but they fact that they stand out as individuals in a modern world. thats why if this is just gonna be another shield agent who just so happens to use a bow and arrow then their is no hawkeye period!!!
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Hawkeye is my favorite character in the comics. 
The fact that he is getting an appearance whatsoever in this movie makes me happy. 
While I love his cowl and his iconic purple and blue, I feel it's too... bold for the movies. I think the Ultimate Hawkeye look will work, but instead of having that red arrow on his chest (why red?) it should be purple. And he could wear those shades that he has on in Blindspot. 
idk, something other than just a standard SHIELD uniform, that fans will be able to recognize as Hawkeye.

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could the costume in the photo work

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the suit will be Matrixed out.  Hope they use the mask Hawkeye is using in the ultimates now with the target on his head.

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I like the Ultimate version. He looks cool.

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Personally I think his 616 cowl is butt-ugly.   Like a pointy oversized burglar's mask.   Probably a holdover from his circus/criminal training.   
They can do a purple and blue costume while still keeping it looking realistic / secret-agenty though.

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really an bow and arrow...****



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I'm bettin' everything they'll be goin' with the Ultimate suit seein' as how it seems more realistic to the times rather than his normal purple & blue outfit. I mean would you be intimidated by a guy in black (which I'm pretty sure won't be as tight as it is in the picture) or a guy in purple? I understand people want their heroes as close to the comics as possible, but we all know it isn't gonna be that way whether we like it or not so we might as well quit complainin' about the uniform and just wait for the movie to come out and then judge. I guess.
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I must admit that I am going pretty fan boy with the upcoming movies, I am having trouble staying cautiously optimistic.

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 Hu-hu...The more we close in to these movie, the more I fear Thor and Captain will only be 2 huge 2 hours+ advertisements to Avengers... 

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is it wrong that i am not going to see any more marvel films because they will be from disney and they are notorious for destroying what they buy? 

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Is this a post-credits cameo? 

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I'd rather have a Hawkeye solo film, but chances are Marvel would f*ck that up

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I actually don't mind if they use the costume of Earth 1610/Ultimate Hawkeye, as long as they don't use the face mask and only use the goggles like in the pic below: 

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