Hawkeye 2 (spoilers) question

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Hawkeye is one of my favorite comics coming out each month and it's only had 2 issues so far. For those of you who've read it Clint Barton and Kate Bishop go to a hotel/casino where there are 6 bad guys.(not including the Circus of Crime) These include Kingpin, The Owl, Madame Masque, Tombstone, Hammerhead and another woman. Does anyone have any idea who this other woman might be? Perhaps she's with the Maggia? Madame M represents the Nefaria crime family, Hammerhead (obviously) the Hammerhead family, perhaps she's a part of the Silvermane family?

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p.s. In the mail section the editor mentions that it would be 'pretty swell' if there were a Hawkeye/Gambit team up. While this may never happen, it made me happy.

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