Does Kate Bishop have a crush on Clint Barton (and/or vice versa)?

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I haven't exactly followed the Hawkeye solo series on a monthly basis but I have recently purchased and read the first volume of the Hawkeye paperback. So, if there are any developments past issue #5 I wouldn't know anything about it.

As I was reading the book I came upon this page:

Clint asks Kate for assistance but she keeps on asking, "Why me?" In return, Clint replies with different answers but none pleased her.

Being as experienced with women as Clint is, he probably figured out what Kate wanted to hear and quickly stopped her questions by cutting her off and saying, "Because I don't want to sleep with you?" As shown in the seventh panel of the image above, Kate immediately got mad as if disappointed with his response then just as fast deflected it with humor. Afterwards after a little heart-to-heart Kate agrees to help Clint but at the end of the page this is shown:

It could be argued that the captions that appeared in these last two panels are Clint's thoughts and not Kate's own. Though, because the captions are placed on a panel with only Kate in it means that whatever is written in the caption also applies to her whether it's from Clint or not.

In my experience with other comics, other mediums and real life, Kate's upset and disappointed look on her face indicate that she is greatly saddened when Clint said, "Because I don't want to sleep with you?" Adding "Dummy" right after is a way to insult someone that hurt your feelings (just to ease the pain) something that most, if not all, do.

Kate isn't so subtle in hiding her attraction, however, as shown in this picture:

Which registered as "Bad idea four" but, he is most likely referring to Kate driving. Or is he?

The way Kate always hangs out with Clint is also peaks my interest. Joining him in social occasions such as his rooftop barbecues with the tenants of his building.

She has other friends and, not to mention, extremely rich, why does she choose to hang out with him?

A little later Clint gets kidnapped by SHIELD right from where he is standing. Which resulted into Kate waiting in his apartment until three in the morning, as shown below:

And who can forget about this little escapade in Madripoor?

Nothing truly awkward is happening here until I found out that Madame Masque is really ...

... Kate Bishop in disguise.

While reading this, the main thing that came to my mind is that the real Madame Masque would probably get one of her henchmen to get the credit card for her and relieve herself of the shame of doing that particular dirty work.

This image below also hints on a possible romance:

Hand-on-hand, an effective way of saying admiration and, possibly, love through a picture. Especially if the other is in bed sick and/or injured.

P. S.

Some might say that Kate Bishop is way too young/underage for Clint Barton. I say, by the time of the first issue of the new Young Avengers series, Kate is already eighteen-years-old (or seventeen turning eighteen soon) because the theme of the current is no longer about a group of sixteen-year-olds wanting to be an adult but eighteen-year-olds experiencing the first stage of being an adult (in the case of Noh-Varr early twenties?). So, she is too young but, not young enough that it would be fiendish or illegal.

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I think they both like each other. In the first issue, in the captions Clint thinks "she is perfect" like all the time.

Except maybe Mockingbid, Clint shows that he cares about Kate much more than any other woman, like Jessica Drew, Moonstone and Black Widow.

And Kate's relationship with Marvel Boy in Young Avengers is completely gratuitous so far, although Gillen is great writing other characters (especially Kid Loki, Wiccan and Hulkling) I hate his take on Kate. Reading Hawkeye, it's clear that Kate has very deep feelings for Clint.

That said, I can antecipate a lot of people saying "It's creepy". While I agree that an older man taking advantage of a younger girl is creepy and disgusting, this isn't the case. Clint really cares about Kate (and vice versa), so it's not creepy at all.

But to people, it doens't matter the characters interaction, every single case of related people in a relationship (like Black Bolt and Medusa - cousins - and Ultimate Pietro and Wanda - siblings) and older/younger (like Clint and Kate) is creepy. But for the very same people, gay relationships are cool and normal, so who knows how they judge between "creepy" and "normal"

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does Pizzadog makes this a love triangle

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@csguterres: I see Kate's relationship with Marvel Boy as nothing more than a simple physical attraction with no love involved (at least not yet). I also like how they showed that Marvel Boy actually disliked Clint, or just not very fond of him. There could be a possible rivalry between the two in the future.

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"They won't f**k, and the dog won't die." -Matt Fraction

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I love their relationship.

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"They won't f**k, and the dog won't die." -Matt Fraction

Really? Spoiler alert! Might as well drop the book now. :3

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I just read the latest tpb, they should really be together... Katie-Kate DUMP NOH-VARR NOW!! I know you're just trying to ease the pain with sex!

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