does clint barton kill people?

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this is kind of confusing to me, i've only been reading comics for a year, and the few times i've seen clint barton he doesn't seem like he kills, but during secret invasion he kills a bunch of skrulls, and in the first List issue he comes at the dark avengers with a gun, 
can someone just explain this to me?
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Well he shoots people with arrows, ya can't really expect everyone to live through that.

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Although unlike most rebellious characters, hawkeye does not prefer to kill, he has killed and sometimes does kill but he does not enjoy it like for say bullseye. He has killed, like duriong the later isses of the Avengers when the scarlet witch went crazy and called in a fake kree invasion, He shot multiple kree soldiers wth multiple arrows because of his anger and sheer astonishment of what happened to the mansion, the vision and scott lang.
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Clint Barton has sworn to never take a life. He even sided with Steve Rogers against killing the Supreme Intelligence, or even went gainst his wife for killing her rapist. Then a certain writer got a hold of the character and Bam!! He now kills and somehow became this great ninja?
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People do have limits and Osborn is known to push them to there breaking point.

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I vow to never take a life-- but I shoot people with Arrows........................
Does this logic seem a little off to anyone?

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@Phorqe: He had an abundance of non-lethal arrow as Hawkeye.  
@ninjadude853: He has killed before. Mostly Krees and Skrulls and he killed Trickshot. But recently he's been pushed pass his limit and his morals have taken a backseat to his rage. He only went after Osborn with lethal force because Norman is practically c#@pping all over the Avengers and Clints legacy. But normally, when he was Hawkeye, he'd try everything in his power to not kill. 
#8 Posted by Phorqe (2109 posts) - - Show Bio
@King Quisling: 
non-lethal arrows?????????????/ Do you know what an arrow is?
I'm not trying to be an ass- but think of an arrow- how do you survive being shot with an arrow?Granted it doesn't necessarily kill you, but odds are in the favor of death. Does that look like cotton candy on the tip of that arrow?

#9 Posted by King Quisling (1980 posts) - - Show Bio
  • Acid Arrows

  • Adamantium Arrows (often combined with Electrical arrowhead)

  • Blunt Arrows

  • Bola Arrows

  • Boomerang Arrowhead (allows an arrow to return to shooter)

  • Cable Arrow (allowing him to swing through the air)

  • Electrical Arrow

  • Blast (Explosive) Arrow

  • Flare Arrow

  • Magnetic Arrowhead (adheres to metal surfaces; can be added to other arrows)

  • Net Arrow

  • Putty Arrow (adheres to rough surfaces, and can stop exposed machinery)

  • Pym Particles Arrow (increases or decreases the size on an object or opponent)

  • Rocket Arrowhead (boosts range, can be added to other arrows)

  • Smoke Arrow

  • Sonic Arrow

  • Suction Cup Arrowhead (adheres to smooth surfaces; can be added to other arrows)

  • Tear Gas Arrow

  • Thermal Arrow

  • Vibranium Arrow (must have supplement Magnetic, Putty, or Suction Cup arrowhead to stick to target; deadens kinetic and vibratory energies)

  • Vibration Arrow

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Clint never killed Trickshot. Trick Shot has cancer and last time we saw him, he was in remission and even aided Hawkeye. 
All of Clint's arrows, before the Secret Invasion saga, were non-lethal. In fact the only time that I can remember that regular arrows were used was during the Secret War and the Crossing sagas, but he still did not kill...say again, did not kill...
Then out of blue, bam, he kills. Even during breaking points, Clint has proven through the years to be a stronger character than that.

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@avengpymhawk: Ah yeah, my friend told me that. I've told him I never read anything in-which that happened and but he insist it did. :P  I've only read really early stuff with Trickshot. He's kinda before my time and although he's one of Clint's original mentors I was always more fascinated with Swordsman. 
#12 Posted by warlock360 (28155 posts) - - Show Bio

i remember him doing so in one issue, think it was out of revenge

#13 Posted by avengpymhawk (375 posts) - - Show Bio

No, he never killed Trick Shot. He did beat Trick Shot up real bad back in Solo Avengers issue 5.

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Lemme put it this way... CLINT BARTON DOES NOT, nor should he EVER KILL. It's as much a part of his character as his wise ass personality. The way Bendis has turned his character into a sort of ninja-Punisher makes me sick. Do we not have enough anti-hero type characters, that Bendis had to come and ruin an iconic character by making him into another one? Clint killed Egghead. But it was an accident. Clint has a strictly no-kill policy, and he has used all sorts of modular arrowheads to uphold that policy. Taser arrows, gas arows, etc. but when he had to he has fired on people with regular arrows, but shot them in non-lethal places, so as to wound/mame but not kill. And I doubt the Dark Reign stuff is enough to "push him over the edge" when trickshot practically begged him to kill him out of mercy, and Clint refused, or how he didn't snap and go "over the edge" when Mockingbird, the love of his life, died in his arms. And when he accidentally killed Egghead (who killed his brother by the way) he was incredible depressed about it. Seems Bendis doesn't care about continuity though

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Hawkeye does not prefer,let e say this again, prefer to kill, but as an Avenger and a protecter of innocent i does what he must when all other options are compromised. Ronin, however, his new BS alias created in the newer comics does on occasion kill because Marvel probably just wants readers to see his change in personality since he was "dead" and came back to reality, his wife died, he has no family, all he has is the duty to protect and serve his country and he will do anything to protect that.

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Maybe he's like Green Arrow. I don't think he kills. I read an article saying he only injures with his arrows. I honestly like the super heroes who don't kill. Has anyone seen The Avengers movie (duh)? (*Spoiler Alert*) He killed some of the Chitauri; or do they not count? Although, he was worried about who he killed when he was brainwashed, but that was just fellow agents.

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Doesn't he kill in the Ultimate universe? And get killed?

#18 Posted by TheAnnihilator (1028 posts) - - Show Bio

Ultimate Hawkeye kills.

616 Hawkeye DOES NOT kill.

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@TheAnnihilator: and both have justified points to their methods.

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Ultimate Hawkeye slaughters droves of enemies.

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@TheAnnihilator said:

Ultimate Hawkeye kills.

616 Hawkeye DOES NOT kill.

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