Confirmed Jeremy Renner will star as Hawkeye!

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i t's been rumored since last November and now we finally have confirmation: Jeremy Renner will star as Hawkeye in Marvel Studios' THE AVENGERS. Word that Renner was in the running to play the marksman began to leak while the actor was making the rounds promoting THE HURT LOCKER for the various pre-Oscar awards

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Wasn't there an article on this, but still if it's true then that is awesome

#3 Posted by Theodore (3607 posts) - - Show Bio

Yeah there's already a comicvine article about this.

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#5 Posted by Craig Lovecraft (215 posts) - - Show Bio

Which outfit do you guys think he should wear? Personally, I think he should go with the ultimate suit because I don't know how well his 616 uniform would look in a live action movie.

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