harleyquinn12's Hawkeye & Mockingbird #1 - Ghosts, Part 1 review

Might have worked better as a Green Arrow and Oracle book!

I picked this issue up, hoping to find out more about Hawkeye and Mockingbird, being the DC zombie that I am. I found out that Hawkeye is basically a carbon copy of Green Arrow, while Mockingbird is a cross between Oracle and Black Canary. Hawkeye's a cocky bad@$$, while Mockingbird's more of a geeky daredevil. In the beginning of the story Mockingbird and Hawkeye are chasing down a couple of thugs, and they shoot them down. They chase down one of them, and question him, until he is shot y who is revealed to be Crossfire. Sadly for Clint and Bobbi, Crossfire escapes, but soon are faced by a bigger threat, Jamie Slade. She and her family owned a museum in town, and when Hawkeye and Mockingbird were shooting down the thugs, they shoot one of the moving vans going to the musuem, which carried some f Slade's family artifacts. Hawkeye starts arguing with her, but Mockingbird calms him down, and they leave. Something just doesn't seem right about her. Soon, Bobbi and Clint meet up with their team, Twitchy, a genius who handles all their inventions, Bangs, and explosives expert, and London, who Clint says "will do anything they ask, as long aas they ask nicely" We are soon introduced to Dominic Fortune, a mercenary, or soldier. Clint doesan't like him, but Bobbi says his record is clean. Hawkeye needed to clean his mind, so hye went to train with Steve Rogers. That doesn't last for long, as their training session is soon interupted by Bucky Barnes. After that, Hawkeye began to track down Mockingbird's family. We are soon introduced to the phantom rider, who raped Mockingbird. Jamie Slade has the same dream, and their dreams both overlap.  Mockingbird wakes p the next day, and walks into her weapons arsenal, with Dominic Fortune. This was to help attack the thugs they chased down the previous day. We cut to Hawkeye, who is flying his bike, or motorcycle over Mockingbirds mother's house. He questions her about Mockingbird, and she claimes she has been dead for eight years. After this, we meet Crissfire again, who is beating down cardboard cutouts of Hawkeye and Mockingbird. He is approached by jamie Slade, ho has become the new phantom rider. Now, writing was average. McCann gives Hawkeye a strict tone of dialogue, while he gives Mockingbird a daredevil tone in the first half of the story, while the second part of the story Mockingbird was prtrayed in a more way similar to Hawkeye in the second part, with a more Black Canary version. The art felt catoonish, but it was offset by the colors. The colors weren't bad, they just didn't fit well with the art. The pencils, and inks were gorgeous, just not fitting for the characters. Overall, I wish this would have been a more jumping off point. I don't have much of a connection with Hawkeye, Mockingbird, and the phantom rider. I will continue to pick it up, hoping for a more jumping on point, or maybe more history on the charcaters. For me, this seems just like a fun story, which it was. The dialogue was great, I love each off the way the characters are going, but i feelk the story needs to be more acsesible to new Hawkeye, phantom rider and Mockingbird readers.

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