cameron83's Hawkeye Annual #1 - West Coast Avenger review

I actually loved this Issue!

This issue was great...

Btw,my reviews aren't the best,so I'll just be quick

To start off,the plot was great and I love the focus on Kate Bishop that this book gives. Not only were there tons of funny moments in here,but there were also more than enough action to keep one satisfied.

Basically in this issue,it's Kate's first 2 days in Los Angeles and,well,she seems to have picked up Hawkeye's bad luck.

Also,one thing I love was the reactions/expressions in the boxes.

This whole issue,from the plot,to the humor,to the art,etc was just freaking amazing!

I personally give this a 5/5. I mean,although I prefer David Aja's art by far,this art is also great and I think it fits this issue better...although to make one thing clear,David Aja is THE artist for Hawkeye. However,the art here and in the Barney issue is also great and it fits those issues better,now that I see it.

Posted by lykopis

I cannot wait to get my hands on this tomorrow! Meep! (and yay -- you are reviewing!)

Posted by cameron83

@lykopis said:

I cannot wait to get my hands on this tomorrow! Meep! (and yay -- you are reviewing!)

yup! imo it's pretty good (I don't wanna oversell it)!

lol and thanks! I think this might be my first or second one....

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