cerial442's Hawkeye #8 - My Bad Penny review

The Many Loves of Hawkguy

Bro, this book was amazing bro.

Way back in issue 3 (and my favorite issue so far), we met a girl named Cherry. Her and Clint hit it off, Clint saves her from the tracksuit mafia, she kept saying an annoying catchphrase, and that was that. Well now Cherry is back, and back with [cue music] trouble. She needs Clint to grab a safe from the track suit mafia, should be easy for Hawkguy.

The dry humor in the book seals it for me. I loved it when Cherry runs to the Avenger's mansion and finds Clint playing a card game with Black Widow, Spider Woman, and Clint's ex.

The art in the book fits the tone and style perfectly. Throughout the book we see parody covers of young romance covers. They do have pay off, and fit the tone of the book.

This should have been released closer to Valentines Day.

Things are starting to heat up for the next issue, and I don't think we have seen the last of Cherry.

This book is the book that makes me glad to be a comic fan, because I get to read it every month. It's not for everyone, and that's fine. I could probably see why someone wouldn't like it. To me it is up there with Scott Synder's Batman. It's just a ton of fun to read. It's not a comedy book, but it's very funny. I was wrong about Fraction, I use to think he was only good at writing Iron Man. I don't know what's happened, but he 3 for 3 in Marvel Now.

Thumbs way up for this.


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    Red Tramp 0

    The Good : This issue really hits the ground running ! So much happens and the Valentines day tie in was very cute maybe it should been on the V-DAY week. Loved Aja art again and the old fashioned comic covers were very cool to see! A lot of stuff is happening wih are little red head, more than meets the eye. Poor Clint is in a big surprise very soon!The bad: Nothing. What great issue,Verdict: A VERY IMPORTANT ISSUE. get it....

    1 out of 3 found this review helpful.

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