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Hawkeye is training for hours with his bow but can't hit the center of his target. He returns to his apartment only to learn that he was dumped by Cross Industries. Mockingbird is there and invite him to go to her place. There she tells about her past - her real name is Barbara Morse, she studied in Georgia and started to work for the government there. Then she works as a spy for the SHIELD. Her first mission was to live with Ka-Zar and learn his abilities. Then she started to work as Huntress but was betrayed and then changed her nickname to Mockingbird. She was shot and stayed 6 months in the hospital and when recovered, follows her attackers tracks to Cross Industries, where she finds Hawkeye.

When she finished the story Hawkeye was already sleeping. Then the Silencer shows up and almost kills Hawkeye but Mockingbird helps him and the Silencer jumps through the window. Mockingbird and Hawkeye discover a way to get into the Cross Buildings in order to search for more clues and there they find the Silencer again. At the end Hawkeye wins the fight and leaves with Mockingbird in his plane.

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