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Not Clowning Around

LATE REVIEW. I really liked Grills in the short time that he was present in the comic, and his death was sad for me. It wasn't a Damian Wayne depression, but more like a "Man, that really sucks." Anyway...

We take a short break from present time to look at the story behind our clowny gunman, Kazimierz Kazimierczak (Kah-See-Meersh. "Kazi" as his American friends say it). The tale of the loss of his family and way of life that ultimately led to his criminal activities, to me, was fascinating. After living life in a perpetual hell, Kazi just longs for a way out into a better life. I know people living in terrible poverty, and his desire to live a better life is something that I can understand.

The comic also features some interaction between Kate and Kazi, as she tells him about her job and how her boss (Clint) is depressing to her. The last pages of the comic feature a short talk between Clint and Kate that ends with her walking out over his pushing people away when they are trying to help.

if there is anything that I didn't care for, it was the re-used final page with a Francavilla style. It works, but I feel like it was partly done just to show the puppy that ties the issue in with #11, which will feature Pizza Dog as the star. This is only a very tiny gripe, though.

Clint and Kate are so relatable because we all have, or are, a Clint and/or Kate in our lives. We know what it is like to "futz" everything up, and we know how low it puts you. We experience emotional reactions whenever they are happy, sad, angry, etc.

The art is nice. Francavilla captures emotions fairly well, and the colors are pretty fantastic. Overall, I give the comic 4/5. Pick it up, and long live Grills!

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