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Francavilla turns this story into a masterpiece

It's really weird 'cause when I've read this comic up until now I have time after time told myself that the true genius behind it i David Aja rather than Matt Fraction. I think Ajas art has risen Fractions stories to a new level, a level where the occacional flaws in Fractions writing becomes less visible.

It becomes weird for me because in this issue Francesco Francavilla does the artwork and does an incredible job with it. I am not sure if Francavilla will rotate with Aja or if he's just in it for this issue. His artwork really fits into this issue since this story has more tragedy and passion than the usual swagger and coolness which dominates the storytelling in Hawkeye. Maybe this is just switch in order to highlight the fact that this story really has a different mood. If so, it's a strike of genius.

The "dude casanova"-persona of Hawkeye can from time to time bore me a bit but I find myself coming back to this comic. It obviously stands out from the rest of the marvel books and I actually think i deserves an Eisner.

Posted by DarkCrawler

yep, right about the art, it was like the blue noir neon version of a great story. As for the dude casanova personality, maybe spiderman is not the most relatable character in marvel anymore. BTA out of all the comics what do you think would be the runner up for Eisner? I men what is the second best comic now?

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