thanosrules's Hawkeye #1 - Lucky review

Clint between missions: Paying Rent. Rescuing Dogs. BBQs.

Recommendation: “YES!”

With this series Matt Fraction takes the Hawkeye out of hero and replaces him with Clint, the guy. The “regular guy” who has to go to work everyday with Gods, Mutants, men of Iron, geniuses, etc. What is like like for Clint on a daily basis? Well here we get to find out.

You may think, “Oh, that isn’t going to be interesting.” Well, don’t be short-sighted. This series is right on target. <pun intended> It is different, refreshing and makes you want to know more about this “regular guy”. Heck, it makes you wonder what the other heroes do “outside the office”.

It is because it is refreshing, because you don’t hear anyone call him “Hawkeye”, because he is doing down-to-earth tasks that makes this issue and series great. Since he is one of the only super-heroes that is “only human”, it is nice to see his human side. It also gives his character so much more depth. I think it will help in the long run, for those people looking to know more about Clint Barton - Hawkeye.

I had a chance to meet Matt Fraction in person yesterday (August 11th) at a signing/Q&A session. It was awesome. He has taken a lot of crap for the choices he has made during his writing career, but in the end, these are stories. Live with it. I may not agree with everything he does in all his work, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t enjoy what he creates as what it is, stories. Stories with the characters we know and love. Remember, he is just like you and I, he is just a person, has a family and does a job. That said, that job he has is pretty cool. I can’t help but be a bit envious. :)

The good news is, he doesn’t let all the “bad stuff said about him” get to him. He is such a cool guy, with a very cool wife (@kellysue), and from the sounds of it a great family and life. Good for him. And I would like to thank him for balancing all of the things in his life, including cranking out some great work - especially for books like this.

BTW - If you are wondering, spoiler alert, the dog’s name is “Lucky” - just like the name of the issue. In his own words (paraphrased from yesterday’s Q&A): “The inspiration for the dog’s name was based on that old joke about a lost and found poster for a missing dog that states, ‘Missing Dog: One Eye, Three Legs, Mange, comes when you call his name: ‘LUCKY”.”. I loved the part at the end of the issue about the dog’s actual name, it is only fitting that the issue’s name is in fact the dog’s name. Nice work, Matt.

For more “Matt Fraction Q&A”, be sure to stay tuned for Episode 10 of@stacksofcomics, due to release the week of 08/13/2012.


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