johnkmccubbin91's Hawkeye #1 - Lucky review

Bullseye Right on Target

This was the comic I was really looking forward too this week and I wasn't disappointed. It has great writing from Matt Fraction and even better art from David Aja. I really enjoyed there work along with Ed Brubaker on Immortal Iron Fist and I can see myself liking this series even more.

This issue starts brilliantly with Hawkeye falling out of a window and breaking a lot off bones which shows how human limitation some superheroes actually have. I also like how we see a lot more of Clint in this issue than we may have seen before and how being an Avenger has really shaped him into the man that he is the now. I like how when it jumps back or forward the first panel in that page has a similar sentence to the previous sentence bridging the gap very well.

My final verdict is if you haven't read Hawkeye before or are a fan of either the character or the Immortal Iron Fist series then you won't be disappointed in this. Look forward too reading more on this story and hope we continue seeing more of Clint from time to time instead of all Hawkeye.

Rating: 5/5

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