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Who knew I would like Clint more than Hawkeye 0

So I'm familiar with Matt Fraction (most his stuff I like) and luckily I Like David Aja's art work, it sounds weird but it goes well with the material and Clint. Though I have not read Matt and Davids run on "The Immortal Iron Fist" but I've heard good things from about...everyone. Hawkeye is most often the one guy with a bow and arrows, it's good to see him on his own. He has always come off as a smart ass and I love seeing it here, there are so many quotes I want to put in but there are just s...

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Hawkeye Hits The Mark! 0

From Pure Nerd Nip writing for The Capeless Crusader"clint barton, a.k.a hawkeye became the greatest sharp-shooter known to man. he then joined the avengers. this i what he does when he's not being an avenger. that's all you need to know."After reading this book I'm ashamed to have worn the badge of being exclusively a DC reader for so long. I couldn't break thru the continuity to try and understand the absolute vs amazing vs etc. that would all be on the shelf at the same time. Unless it really...

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Solid 0

I picked up a bunch of new comics yesterday (digital) and curled up to read them, this one stuck out the most. First off I must say how much I love the artwork, it's fresh and bold and reminds me of older comic books, it's almost a retro look. We meet Clint the man, not so much Clint/Hawkeye the Avenger. He mentions his affiliation to Earth's Mightiest Heroes but this is very much a tale of the man inside and he sense of right and wrong, he goes out of his way and risks his neck for what he know...

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Hawkeye 1 0

Earth's Mightiest Archer starts off to a strong start.THE GOODFrom the cover to the art, you can tell its trying to be a good unique tell on Hawkeye, and for all intents and purposes, it really starts off on a good start.The story, while a little too down to earth for me, does a great job of showing off our human, flawed hero with the experience and poise to handle a lot of situations, but with the simple nature of succumbing to emotions that keeps him more grounded than his compatriots. And whi...

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A solo series about Clint 0

Here is my video review for Hawkeye issue 1. Tell me what you guys think about my video review in the comments below:...

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Bullseye Right on Target 0

This was the comic I was really looking forward too this week and I wasn't disappointed. It has great writing from Matt Fraction and even better art from David Aja. I really enjoyed there work along with Ed Brubaker on Immortal Iron Fist and I can see myself liking this series even more.This issue starts brilliantly with Hawkeye falling out of a window and breaking a lot off bones which shows how human limitation some superheroes actually have. I also like how we see a lot more of Clint in this ...

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Pretty, pretty, pretty art 0

I liked the style used in this book, very similar to Daredevil. Loved David Aja's artwork as well. I had a huge problem with the fact that there was no Hawkeye to be seen.Please check my mini-review of Hawkeye #1 here: and feedback are always welcome!...

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The Tether Between Heroes and Men 0

I'm conflicted, overall, on how I feel about Hawkeye. I was.... extremely unprepared for the artwork, knowing the cover artist was also the interior artist. The cover is absolutely gorgeous, no doubt, but the interior art... doesn't really resemble it. I mean, there's plenty to like about the interior art, but it felt a little off to me. There's more of a disconnect between cover and interiors than there is in Daredevil. In Daredevil, at least the interiors do some nice unique things the same wa...

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The Man Behind the Bow 0

I was a little skeptical at first about this series. I am a big fan of Hawkeye, mostly because of his series Solo Avengers Hawkeye. I was not so sure about this series but I decided to give it a chance. Worst case scenario I would have wasted $2.99 However, I was pleasently surprised. The story was different from what I was used to but still deepened my appreciation and love for Hawkeye. He does not use his bow and arrow once in the entire comic but she proves why he deserves to be called an Av...

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Lucky? Clumsy if you ask me 0

Since Hawkeye #1’s release, I’ve heard and read nothing but rave reviews about it. Hawkeye was a very important character in The Avengers movie, so typically Marvel uses that as a billboard to create yet another book.After Hawkeye’s annoying representation in Avenging Spider-Man #4, I was hoping for something so much better. It was that, but still nothing special, in my opinion.Hawkeye is the better known name for Clint Barton, and as we all know, is an Avenger. No secret identities here. This f...

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*inc. pun about hitting the target* 0

No doubt you've heard the ton of hype following the release of this series. It deserves it.I read it. Then immediately read it again. First off, David Aja's art is unbelievable and ultra modern. The cover is one of the best I've seen in a while. It is seriously good. It is different, unique, stream-lined.By no coincidence, these are also the words you could use to describe this portrayal of Clint and the series as a whole. Fraction manages to cut to the very core of what makes Hawkeye tick. Here...

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Clint between missions: Paying Rent. Rescuing Dogs. BBQs. 0

Recommendation: “YES!”With this series Matt Fraction takes the Hawkeye out of hero and replaces him with Clint, the guy. The “regular guy” who has to go to work everyday with Gods, Mutants, men of Iron, geniuses, etc. What is like like for Clint on a daily basis? Well here we get to find out.You may think, “Oh, that isn’t going to be interesting.” Well, don’t be short-sighted. This series is right on target. <pun intended> It is different, refreshing and makes you want to know more about t...

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Hawkeye: Intro 0

Having never been a Hawkeye fan and being new to reading comics seriously in general, I couldn't just ignore a perfect launiching off point. Boy was that a great gamble! I have read a bunch of comics trying to catch up and this one was the most distinct artistically with a great story to tell.The art team of David Aja and Matt Hollingsworth work so well together setting the entire book in a modern re-imagining of 70's style comics. On the first page this was jarring and I was a bit disappointed ...

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Will Hawkeye be able to hit the Target? 0

Plot: What does Clint Barton do when he's not with the Avengers ??? Answers can be found here...The Art: The art style is very simple and clean and well done. Lots of panels, and detailed backgrounds. David Aja gives this book a feel rooted in real life.Story and Script: This is how a first issue should go, you're introduced to the main character and what he does. There isn't a ton of continuity for new readers to know about just a nice, fun stand alone comic. We are instantly introduced to Clin...

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"Okay...this looks bad." 0

I got to get this out of the way: I wasn’t really a Hawkeye fan, until I read this issue. For me, I grew up knowing Green. If you asked me who was the better archer, I would have said Green Arrow. Now, I started to like his Ultimate Universe counterpart more because, he more…humanized? While his background slowly started to be opened up (thanks to Ultimate Comics: Hawkeye), I just continued to like him more. Going back to the Mainstream Universe, I’ve taken a liking to the new Hawkeye, Kate Bish...

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Seriously awesome 0

I finally give into peer pressure after hearing the guys on the podcast praise this series issue after issue and I must say I was not disappointed. This just blew me away the story hooked me straight away and I think the art truly suits the gritty element of the stories. James Bond meets Green Arrow is how I would describe Clint in these issue. If you haven picked up this issue go and get it I promise you won't be disappointed and now volume one is high high high up on my want list. Thank you To...

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Daniel Bryan says it best: "Yes! Yes! YES!" 0

#I've decided that my favorite Hawkeye stories are the ones in which he is not an Avenger; The Avengers #189 - Wings And Arrows!, the original Hawkeye limited series, and now this amazing series, which brings indie sensibilities to a mainstream title. The direction of this first issue boldly stepped outside of the formula of most successful series first issues. There were no guest-stars to help boost the sales of this book, nor were there any teasers at the end of the story to springboard forthc...

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