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On a distant planet colonized by corporations, combat rages over precious resources, survival, and glory. As one man rises to power, another is tragically ruined in the process. But who will truly emerge victorious in the end? Based on the Free-to-Play online mech shooter HAWKEN, this original graphic novel serves as both prequel and sourcebook for the game world, offering players a glimpse of what came before the game, and what might come in the months ahead.

Back Blurb

War Is A Machine

Enter the world of Illal, a planet ravaged by mech warfare and an expanding, viral mass known as The Giga-Structure. Corporate warfare between the two largest ruling powers, SENTIUM and PROSK, rages unchecked through the streets and ruins of what was once a bustling, promising corporate colony, vying for those precious resources left under the ironclad quarantine of THE UTA. But things were not always this way... the ambitions of two men, RION LAZLO and JAMES HAWKEN, came together with hopes of building a better tomorrow, only to collide and collapse into betrayal, leading to a sequence of events that would bring the entire planet to its knees. Who would have believed that the fate of millions would be written by just one man...?

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