matkrenz's Hawk & Dove #2 - Party Time review

You're wrong Hank. Bowties ARE cool.

Last review of Hawk & Dove #2. Also I can't belive I finally got to use that sentence in a review title. 
The Story: Condor and Swan kill some other guy who is an avatar in order to get to Hawk & Dove. Also Hawk & Dove attack some other super zombies and get attacked by Condor & Swan. 
The Good: As much as Swan is a stupid villain anem she seems like a creepy villain. As much as I don't like Liefelds art he is obviously a huge fan of the comic book medium that he draws the sound effects in the comic and not added later, it just fits when artist's do that. 
The Bad: Im not a Liefeld fan. I do like this Swan chick but her codename is so stupid. Also it's obvious that these two are opposite's to Hawk & Dove and it would have been interesting if the girl would have been Condor and the guy being some other bird. Also Sterling introduces the idea that there are other avatars in the world and im wondering why isn't this the main thrust of the series ? Dawn and Hank learning about all the different avatars in the world and stopping the rogue ones. It would explore a bunch of concepts of war and peace. Also Hank is still being a douche. Finally Sterling is trying to hard to make arch nemesis for Hawk & Dove, you can't just introduce some villains and expect them to become hits. When Joker was created Bill Finger and Bob Kane didn't expect him to become Batman's opposite but that happened over years of development. 
The Verdict: Main characters are annoying, villains seem interesting but there could have been an interesting and the art is Rob Liefeld. The only reason I got the issue is because my shop owner already ordered the issue and I didn't want him to lose money because of me. Don't buy this.


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