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Hi guys, I'm new to the forums and would really appreciate it if anyone knows any comics or tpb's where Havok makes appearances or plays a central role.

I consider him a pretty cool character but haven't been able to find much in the way of him in print besides the 90's X-Factor.

Someone told me there was a Havok vs ... tpb but I can't remember or have been able to find the name.

Thanks for reading - Excelsior (haha)

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Go to his character profile and and they have a list of his appearances.  The link for the list is at the very top of the page.

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The "Comics By Cover" option will show you every appearance that Havok made, but... it wont give you an opinion on which are the best stories. Havok's been in a lot of stories, but not all of them are neatly contained in story arcs. So inconsiderate of him ;)

1980's Uncanny X-Men

Havok's appearnces in Uncanny X-Men: There are SO many to choose from. I'll generalise the earlier stuff a bit (which will do it no justice, but I'm afraid I just don't remember a lot of it) as he was mostly a back-up member of the X-Men. He & Polaris were lovers who had left the X-Men but were still called into action when the All-New, All-Different team needed a little extra fire-power.

The better stories to aim for start at issue #218. Polaris mysteriously disappeared (kidnapped by the Marauders & possessed by Malice) and Havok stumbles across a darker & angrier version of the X-Men. They leave New York and eventually settle in the Reavers' former base of Maynard Plains in Australia. The X-Men battle Genoshans, the Brood, and save Madelyn Pryor from the Marauders (in San Francisco) who becomes their human ally. She monitors the world's news networks for signs of her missing baby & for any crises that the X-Men might be able to help with. As time goes by, Havok grows closer to his brother's wife to the point that they enter a sexual relationship. However, it was all part of the build up to:


The X-Men were believed to be dead. The X-Men believed that their former friends had betrayed mutant kind by establishing a mutant hunting team called X-Factor. They didn't know that Jean Grey had come back from the dead. The first time the two teams of mutants came across each other was in demon-infested Manhattan. Maddie Pryor had developed psionic powers and after making a pact with N'Atirh the demon, she called herself the Goblin Queen. She abandoned the X-Men and kept Havok at her side as the scantily clad Goblin Prince. Needless to say, Havok needed some common sense pounding into him.

Some time after Inferno, the X-Men were forced to pass through the Siege Perilous. It was a mystical gem that grew into a gateway and transformed their lives in different ways. Havok was sent to Genosha at a time when mutants were made into Mutates; a slave class for the human population. However, Havok was brainwashed into believing that he was a Genoshan citizen. Insstead of undergoing the Mutate process, he volunteered his services to the Genoshan Magistrates. The X-Men had no idea of where he was until...

X-Tinction Agenda

At the very start of the X-Tinction Agenda, Genoshan Magistrates attacked a handful of New Mutants (and de-aged Storm) while they were playing in the sun. Boom-Boom's time bomb was deflected, because Storm recognised Havok's plasma signature attack. However, it gave Havok the upper hand and therefore the mutants were all kidnapped.

It transpired that Havok had fought against prejudices in order to become a high ranking member of the magistrates and was even in a relationship with a human Genoshan. His loyalty to Genosha was parallel to none. So when the combined forces of X-Factor & the scattered X-Men assembled on the shores of Genosha, Havok was forced to fight the brother he didn't know he had. He was surprised when his powers didn't have any effect on Cyclops... and when Cyclops was forced to resort to grabbing his little brother by the ears and slamming his head against the grun in an old fashioned sibling fight, Havok sensed soemthing very familiar.

As expected, he eventually turned on the authorities in order to uncover the corruption in the Genoshan government who were being rules by the immortal machine-man, Cameron Hodge. When the mutants were successful in defeting the Genoshans & Hodge, Havok & Wolfsbane (who had undergone the Mutate enslaving process) stayed behind to help the other Mutates.


The early X-Factor stuff is definitely worth while. X-Factor issues #75 and the few years after that (up to the Age of Apocalypse break) till around #111 were good. The post AoA stories were pretty bad. Havok took a turn for the darker, which wasn't necessarily for the best. But I guess the creative teams wanted to make him more different to Cyclops. Up till that point he'd been the unwilling leader of a comedic team. He'd slowly been rebuilding his relationship with Polaris, which brought they up against Mr Sinister, the Nasty Boys and Malice. However, things weren't so smooth, as Wolfsbane was forced to remain in her 'hybrid' form (or full wolf form) since she'd revert into a mindless Mutate if she slipped back into her full-human form. Therefore her personality was becoming more savage... worse yet, she'd developed an unnatural affection for Havok. Her feral lust was growing out of control, yet it had been conditioned into her. It transpired that when she was turned into a Mutate, Wolfsbane had been 'bonded' to Havok as her master.

Post Age of Apocalypse

To be honest, a lot of these stories didn't interest me, so they haven't stuck in my mind. He led a darker & rougher team of X-Factor (with Sabretooth, Mystique & Wild Child). At one point he was even involved with an incarnation of the Brotherhood. Quite a few uncertain and 'darker' years went by.

Mutant X

Sorry, but I really can't remember how this started. I know Havok's soul was sent through different universes and implanted into the body of another Havok in another reality. There, he was in a steady relationship with an alternate Maddie Pryor and he led The Six (a warped version of the X-Men). My brother collected that series, but it really didn't interest me. But I'm sure someone else can fill you in on core events :)

Back To Reality

Mutant X lasted a few years. He returned in Uncanny X-Men from #411 onwards. Back in the mainstream reality, Havok's body had been in a coma. He lay in the infirmary cared for by Nurse Annie. When he eventually woke up, he began to grow closer to the much-hated Nurse Annie and her son. However, he accepted a wedding proposal from Polaris. On the wedding day, he dumped her at the alter. The whole debacle caused a lot of ill-feelings among his friends & team-mates.

When the action switched to the adjectiveless X-Men series, Iceman had begun to grow close to Polaris. This caused a sort of jealousy in Havok. Nurse Annie ran away (thank God, never to be seen again), and so Havok began to grow obsessed about Polaris again. Angst & pointless drama ensued. Polaris saw something in space, lost her powers on M-Day and eventually decided to leave the X-Men. She travelled the world with Havok so inevitably they became lovers yet again. However, when she stumbled across an alien called Daap (whom many believe to be Doop) in the jungle, which had been the thing she'd seen in space. Only she seemed to understand it & Havok seemed aggressive towards it. Unfortunately, she was soon kidnapped & transformed into a Horseman of Apocalyse; Pestilence. Inevitably she was saved, but gained some semblance of her original powers thanks to Apocalypse's technology...

Starjammers & War Of Kings

Back to Uncanny X-Men again; a year's worth of comics following on from #475. Havok leads a team of X-Men into space. He battled his brother Vulcan, and becomes embroiled in a bitter war among the Shi'Ar royal household. When Corsair is murdered, Havok assumes leadership of the Starjammers. Some of the X-Men manage to return safely to Earth, but Havok, Polaris & Rachel Grey are stranded in space. With no-one else around, Poalris & Havok re-establish their sexual relationship for... ah, hell, I've lost count. All this make-up/break-up nonsense is so annoying. Anyway, as prisoners of Vulcan (now Emperor of the ShiAr empire) Havok is forced to listen to Polaris' screams of pain as they torture her.

They naturally escape, become embroiled in the War of Kings story. I haven't read it yet, so I can't give you any details.

X-Men Legacy

And the Starjamming X-Men have recently reappeared in X-Men Legacy! Rogue's team of X-Men have come to the rescue, liberated them from telepathic slavery in which they murdered innocent aliens on behalf of a creature called Friendless, but they currently have no means to go home... and they're on a space station that is falling into the local sun. That story has yet to be resolved... But it's looking increasingly likely that Havok & co will soon return to Earth!

I hope that gives you an idea of which stories to look for & where/in which titles to find them :)

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