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General Meltdown and Dr. Neutron discuss their plot to harness nuclear energy. The Chernobyl accident was caused by their failed attempt to control a nuclear explosion.

Havok and Wolverine share a companionable vacation in Mexico, indulging themselves in a bet to see who can go the longest without using their offensive mutant powers. An unknown party is surveilling the pair.

Their fun only seems to get more interesting as they are chased down by resentful thugs (who didn't like losing a fight to Logan in a bar) and end up stealing a hot car with an even hotter girl inside it.

They are pursued by a different group with hi-tech weaponry. Alex fires a plasma bolt to destroy the attackers. The woman takes a modified gun out of her purse and shoots Alex and Logan.

Logan wakes up in a hospital where he is told that he and Alex contracted the bubonic plague and that Alex has died.

Logan goes to Alex’s grave. With his heightened sense of smell, he realizes that the scent is wrong. He unearths the coffin to find that it has been stuffed with rocks. Logan vows to find out who has kidnapped Alex.

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