Kirkman And McFarlane's 'HAUNT' Sell Out!

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Issue's one and two go into their second printing!


Looks like the collaboration between Robert Kirkman and Todd McFarlane was a pretty big success! According to a press release from Image, their latest project, HAUNT went on to sell out almost instantly on the distribution level upon its release! Not only did both the first and second issues go on to sell out completely, and go into second printings, but they also went on to set personal sales records for Image comics!

"Getting this reception a second time around has us all very excited," Kirkman said. "HAUNT is having a tremendous launch at a period in time when the economy doesn't really lend itself to people taking a chance on something new. Not only did the first issue set a recent sales record for Image, but as of last week the reprint and second issue are both gone despite very significant overprints. Todd and I are very appreciative of the fans and retailers supporting HAUNT. We hope to reward them back with years of stories to come."

The story is about two brothers, Kurt who is a secret agent, and Daniel who is a priest who develop a close relationship following the death of Kurt.

HAUNT centers on a pair of brothers, Kurt and Daniel Kilgore, who act more like adversaries than family. Kurt, a secret agent, and Daniel, a less than holy priest, bond in a way neither of them expects after Kurt's untimely death. A surprise fusing of Kurt's ghost with Daniel's body creates a chain reaction, turning the brothers into the character, Haunt.

It seems like fans of McFarlane's SPAWN might enjoy this title as well. Second printings of both issues will arrive at your local comic shop along with issue #3 on December 2nd, 2009. Did you pick up the issue? Are you planning on it after having heard the great reception it has received?
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HOW did people buy into this crap?! It's just SPIDER-SPAWN!! Originality is dead.

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outside of the design I don't see any similarities. I don't get individual issues of Image in my comic shop but will get the trade

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The design isn't the only thing. They basically took Spawn's concept and Venom's concept and meshed them. Instead of dying and going to hell and gaining powers the dude dies, becomes a symbiote and bonds with his brother or something like that.
It's not bad. It's not original, either. IMO, at least.

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@iLLituracy: Oh it's completely unoriginal, but unoriginal things can still be very entertaining.
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Don't know about the story or concept, doesn't really appeal to me a lot BUT I am loving that artwork.
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I have to agree with most of the posters above. Haunt isn't original although that might not necessarily be a bad thing. In terms of video games, Dead Space is the movie Event Horizon + Resident Evil gameplay. Dante's Inferno is a rip off of God of War from the rumor I've heard that does a better job than the original. I know I'm comparing a comic book to a video game. So yeah... I bought the first 2 issues and to be frank I'm not impressed. This series is something I'd buy if I had the spare change or an impluse buy

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Looks pretty awesome, I'll check it out if I can get it here.

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I did enjoy the first issue. I still have to pick up my comics from last week. Luckily my store is holding a copy for me.

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This is my least favorite Kirkman comic. And i hate 90s artists!

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Looks too familiar...

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all you instant nay sayers need to read the freaking comic! if you pick up the first couple issues and dnt like it, then fine, but dont just look at the cover and piss on it. makes you look like an idiot.

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You mean like deadpool and deathstroke? Agree with that
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Wow big resemblance to Spider-man but with a touch of Venom and Black Cat in there O_O 

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So far collected No.1 and No. 2, i like this comic.

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why are people bitching about originality?  There's a lot of similar characters out there.  Super strenght, agility, filight, helaing factors, telepathy, telekenisis.  people whe freak out when their family is killed.  quit bitching.
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I am loving this. I'd say to anyone who refuses to read it cuz of the cover - give it a chance!

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I won't disagree that haunt as a superhero has powers that are far too similar  to spider-man, venom, or carnage, but i find the artwork, storyline, and character development to be completely exceptional, definitely making up for the slight lack of originality

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@InnerVenom123 said:
" HOW did people buy into this crap?! It's just SPIDER-SPAWN!! Originality is dead. "
#20 Posted by InnerVenom123 (29814 posts) - - Show Bio
@ReverseNegative said:
" @InnerVenom123 said:
" HOW did people buy into this crap?! It's just SPIDER-SPAWN!! Originality is dead. "
To be fair, I've read it and changed my mind on it. It's awesome.
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@InnerVenom123 said:
" @ReverseNegative said:
" @InnerVenom123 said:
" HOW did people buy into this crap?! It's just SPIDER-SPAWN!! Originality is dead. "
To be fair, I've read it and changed my mind on it. It's awesome. "
It's OK, but not the greatest.
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I kinda like the book

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