Haunts new creative direction.

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Hi all,

I am fairly new to comics, starting with my IPad one and Comixology.the first comic a read was the Walking Dead, which naturally led me into other Kirkman work, The Astounding Wolfman, Invincible and finally Haunt.

Haunt was incredible, i thought, the artwork was like nothing I had really seen in my limited experience, and I love the premise of these to characters forced to work together, bringing all their baggage with them. it was also really nice to start at the beginning, something that has always daunted me about works from Marvel and DC was knowing that i could not really read something and truly understanding all the history. with Haunt i was with it as it developed, meeting all the characters and the world and seeing how they developed, it was really good fun.

Kirkman created and McFarlane seemed to be developing some really strong foundations, with a good mix on antagonists and a nice supporting cast that i enjoyed learning more about.

so now there has been a change, a new creative team. I'd like to address to elements, the art, and the story. firstly the art, while i have already stated that i thought the art in the original Haunts was great, it does not mean that is the only art style i like, or think is appropriate for Haunt. I like the new artistic direction, i think it is more fluid and accentuates different elements of haunt.

new story direction and dialogue I feel is more disconcerting. firstly the loss of the agency. The agency seemed like a really good part of the original, the fact that haunt was now working in a vacuum, their were all these other characters for him to interact with, by removing this I feel that a fun element has just been erased, there is not even any closure in seen the agency attacked or destroyed, its just gone.

secondly, the new antagonist, the second church i don't really feel fits within the haunt universe, the concept of what appears to be a city of highly advanced zealots does for me does not feel right for haunt, i think its mainly the technological advancement that i have a problem with. make it about religous extremism targeting haunt as an abomination to god could be interesting, but phrases like 'weapons set for plasma containment just make me laugh and lose all interest.

finally the new charactorisations feel a little off, especially Kurt, but this could be a plot device so i will reserve judgment for the moment

What do you think? are you enjoying this new direction?

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I couldnt agree with you more. Idk what theyre thinking but this is not the Haunt I know.

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Hey man I have a blog post on the same topic you have here (check it out). Id just like to say that im a big Haunt fan both old and new versions but whats great about the new Haunt is its a lot more gothic and more horror based than action. I loved kirkman/capullo haunt but it really was like Ultimate spawn and the art looked like they were really chaneling Mcfarlanes run on Spiderman. Mcfarlanes spidey looked very very much like the Haunt. So this new creative team is really going in a new direction but in the long run i think it will be good for the title. The old Haunt was cool but everything looked like spiderman or spawn.

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I still dig this book a lot, new vibe doesn't bother me. Always look forward to it coming out.

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I just hope they continue on the foundations Kirkman and co left. The apparition arc still left me with a whole bunch of questions

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Holy spit, I just thumbed through #24. The colors in here are just fantastic. This book is never reviewed by anyone or mentioned at that. Shame too.

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