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I've never really been into Horror comics.  In fact when I first started reading comics 22 years ago I don't think you could even get them anywhere, or at the least if there were any at the time they were all small press indie comics.
I was under the impression that a comic book couldn't really scare me or anything along those lines.  I wouldn't say that this series has scared me in any ways, but it most certainly has given me the creeps on many occasions.  
One thing that I really like is that the authors don't feel like they need to go into extreme detail with everything; whatever isn't explained you'll fill in with your imagination - which makes things even creepier!
This issue was split up into three different stories: Arthur Jermyn, The Well, and The Window - all three of which were both scripted and drawn by Richard Corben.
I liked the Arthur Jermyn story a lot.  It had just enough to trail me along until the surprise at the very end.  
The Well started off a little disjointed, but it all came together in the end and was really creepy.
The Window wasn't really creepy at all, or at least it didn't seem to be to me.  I don't even know what the whole point of it was.  
Richard Corben's art, though not my style at all, really adds a certain quality to all of this that I don't think would be there with anyone else.  I'm sure that we'll see really good things from him in the future.
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