grim's Haunt #2 review

yep. better

 the second issue of this story does nothing but enhance the first. The art work continues to rock, as the does the story. Kirkman has a way of bringing strange and hilarious characters into his stories thats just amazing, and he does that a couple of times over this issue.
  People said in the first issues reviews over and over that this isnt an origional concept. and i can see what they mean. As you read through Haunt, you feel a little Spiderman, a little Spawn, an little Punsiher, and a little Creeper. But its all the best parts of those characters, wraped around a bunch of great character and allot of potential.
if you where turned off by issue number one for any reason, give it one more go with this issue. Becuase trust me, you dont want to be the guy who's trying to catch up in TPB's before he starts picking this sucker up on the shelves. I did that with Invincible, and boy did that suck.....


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    Recently, i've been reading more and more of Kirkman's work and to be honest, not one bit of it has been a let down yet.  Haunts first issue started out terribly generic, and like i said the whole time, its just a first issue, wait till the second one!  Well then the second one came, and went above and beyond my expectations.  Tons of action, well done art show offs of haunts powers all linked together with a well written story with a crazy cliffhanger at the end? How could you not love this iss...

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