theacidskull's Haunt #18 review

Spawn Who?

I've been meaning to read some titles that are NOT strictly marvel OR Dc, and i completely finished the goon, so i Wanted to read something else. Spawn was an obvious choice from image but it was too long since it started, so i started reading haunt, and boy was that a wise choice. Robert Kirkman and Todd Mcfarlane have managed to do it again, they provided something unique and interesting, well at least for me.

Haunt is an awesome series, and this is more of a complete review of the series rather than just one issue, The reason i picked issue 18 is because of the fact that this is when the creative team left, and a new one came in.

First off, lets talk about the art. Holy Hell, it is just gorgeous, the details and the fight scenes are amazing, seriously, i loved the art. it was gritty and fun, which suits the series perfectly. The colors were vivid too, and as a whole i have no complaints.

Before i get to the story, lets talk about the main characters. Daniel is a priest, and bad one, but he has a normal life, a miserable one, and he hates his brother kurt, who is a spy and who just so happens to have stolen his girlfriend. Daniel is a bitter man, and thats interesting, but above all that he is dynamic, at the beginning of the series he is a jerk to his brother, but with a good reason, and as times passes, as kurt dies and his sole becomes attached to Daniel, he forgives him for the things he had done. As for kurt, he isn't a bad guy, sure he's a spy/merc, but even in the first issue that he thinks about the big picture, and the greater good. One of the things i loved about the series is the relationship between kurt and Daniel, it's not easy when he person you hate becomes permanently attached to you, not great for them that is, but great for us, because it provides a great experience, and when they finely forgive each other, it's worth it. The way Haunt works is a bit complicated, because Kurt and Daniel have to be in full agreement, and thats not easy to do when you hate someone, meaning that haunt is not overpowered, and his enemies are threatening.

The supporting Cast is great too, they are helpful, but they don'f feel as if they are trying to shove them down our throats, which makes the fun and enjoyable. especially beth , her role is especially great to me, and i loved her stance in the situation between Kurt and Daniel.

And now for the villains. I can't pick a specific villain i liked the best here. Cobra was awesome, and he even lived up to them name as you go through the series. Hurg is a very cool villain, he is tough, smart, threatening and honorable too. Hurg is really a one of a kind villain, you don't see him bad guys like him. Him always caring about his women( uh-hu), always on a strict diet, and a tough rock who wouldn't crack at any cost.

The apperation was cool too. most of the time when many villains are thrown in the equation it just become insanely hard to balance them out ( watch spider-man 3 if you don't believe me) , but here, it's very well executed. so in the End, seeing Haunt face of enemies from both withing and out sides is mind makes a pretty good mix.

The story is gradual and well played out as well, it doesn't feel rushed and you don't get that feeling where the main characters suddenly come to terms with one another, and you'd be surprised how often this happens, and i'm glad this is not the case.

The Only reason i am decking a star is because of the fact that the creative team left at the worst moment ever, and the new guys didn't even continued the story, they just ruined the series.

Overall i really enjoyed kirkmans work, and i always do.

Recommendation: HELL YES!

Posted by Cyclops4President

good review. Ive never heard that book before

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