grim's Haunt #1 review

Good... ad it gets better

 Im a little upset with myself for going to Disneyland Last week instead of picking this sucker up before it was gone. Luckily, there was a second printing, and thats what i got.
 I admit, there is a point in the middle of the story that seems like it waas too quick a transition. If your like me, you skipped back and read the previous coupleof pages again to see if you just missed something, and then it clicks that the event in question was skipped over for whatever reason. Its still obvious what happened, but you get a little turned around by the story skipping ahead a week without a caption.
 .... ok, now that i got that out of the way, you can soak in my buckets of creamy enjoyment that this comic exist!
  Haunt does not LOOK like an origional idea in the slightest. Its been said repeatedly in other reviews that it looks much like a cross between Spawn and Symbiote Spiderman. But like most good stories, you cant judge this one by its coverart.
 the things to look for in this story arent the fights and powers, its the character interactions. You have 2 brothers who cant be more unalike. daniel, a preacher who apparently has weekly apointments with a hooker and hates his life, and Kurt, a killer secret agent who cares a great deal for everyone in his life. Daniel HATES his brother. with a passion. And apparently, he hates Kurt's wife too, like maybe they dated once or she cheated on him with his brother. Something is tehre, and its intense too. And now, as haunt, Daniel is undoubtely going to have to deal with killers and loved ones from Kurt's life.
This is the stuff great tv shows are made of. Great thanks to Robert Kirkman and McFarlane for the idea. and You have just got to love the fantastic art that comes from a Ryan Ottley/McFarlane collaboration. 
  This was a good first issue, but trust me... it gets better. I already have issue 2 in my hands, and after over a year  of loving Invincible and Tech Jacket  (both Kirkman creations), and seeing the massive amount of time Spawn has been around, and already having read and loved issue 2, i can just tell that this is going to be a great book to read!


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