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Hatter Madigan is a solider and royal guard to the Queen on a mission to find the princess Alyss. He finds himself in Paris, France in 1859.He is an expert swordsman but also possesses a favorite weapon in the form of his top hat. Awarded to him on his millinery graduation it unfolds when thrown into a circle of blades and boomerangs back to its owners hand.

Disorientated by the portal travel Hatter arrives in Paris minus his hat. He is immediately chased by the local police. He loses them easily and comes across a park where children fly kites and utters "Redd's Seekers have followed me from wonderland" and he cuts the strings in a flurry of confusion. Elsewhere his hat appears and drops in a puddle before a surprised citizen, who picks up his prize and walks on.

Seeing a figure with a glow around him Hatter follows, assuming the glow is a sign of magic, him into a hat shop which he mistakes of an armory. The man with his hat is surprise when it floats away off his head.

Hatter is set upon by some men who take him for a foreigner, he puts up a valiant fight and kills the men but is soon overpowered by police and taken to jail. At his trial his crimes have become the stuff of gossip and gross exaggeration. He enters the court with a flourish and sends a dagger at the judge before fleeing through a window.

Hatters hat is presented to a mysterious and severe looking man beneath the city streets. He is a magician of sorts who puts a show on at midnight. The show consists of making corpses dance, but tonight they attack the audience and eat them. Hatter sees the magical glow again in an art studio with work by Jules Verne, which he mistakes for Da Vinci and then comes across the magic show. He snatches back his hat and cuts down the zombies with it.

Hatter travels on a train and his hat flies off and lands in a puddle, he walks to it and mutters again theres a puddle where no puddle should be. He steps into the puddle and sinks into a deep watery body of magical water.

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Hatter M: 01 - A Not so Mad Hatter 0

The Cover The muted cover of this first issue in the Looking Glass Wars series is not the most enticing cover I've ever seen (the preview image of issue 2 looks far more attention grabbing) but it does still catch the eye and oddly its more the lettering of HATTER M that drew my attention. I am an Alice in Wonderland fan and you might say the had me at the words Looking Glass. The Story Now Looking Glass Wars has been on my novels 'to read' list for some months now and a chance to hop into the ...

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