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If the question ever asks how under utilize a character and story can be I can simply point you to Harvey. Here is a good example when was Casper Shot that thought be dead by a hunter. The animal friends picked up Casper to go to the witch the gloated of how he killed casper. In their travel they met friendly lightning bolt which revived Casper by shocking him. When capser was revived he scared the witch and the hunter to stop them from hunting.

There was so many easy to be scene flaws in the story that it should have been in highlights magazines. If wonder who are the names of the animal friendly animals, the hunter with anti ghost, and living friendly lightning bolt it was never given. The witches name was mention once but have find it again. I saw it in this volume


This is not first time they use a dues ex machca like this. When Wendy was under spell of dancing shoes and casper is forced to fly at super speed by magic broom. They were saved a fairy that sweeps stardust that can grant selfless wishes.

If it were made by any other publisher they would made hunter and with who made ghost killing bullets infamous. Harveyvile have a bad habit on using the deus ex machinas. The living lightning bolt that able to talk was use only once and was never mention again. They had a story that would have made every pause but it did leave a single to moment to reflect. Never was death and revival more rushed than this. I couldn't tell if I should be considered a death.

As the characters ownership now been changed I think it is a vast improvement. They are underrated as the characters appear to be too childish but the bigger reason is they play it safe too much and made us care for the characters. you be surprise how Dark Casper is and I will reveal that in another blog.

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