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Harvest was created by Gail Simone and Tom Derenick. She made her debut in Birds of Prey #77.


Harvest was originally a Kansas girl, until a drifter captured her and killed her with a batch of railroad spikes. After that she arose as Harvest and terrorized the state for years, when summoned. Harvest turned up recently where she began to kill guilty people who had gotten away with murder, draining their life force.. This drew the attention of Oracle and the Birds of Prey who were touring the globe of their "hero-hunt." She sent in the Black Canary, Huntress and Lady Blackhawk to a local bar in an effort to gain information, but ended up in a bar fight with several locals and the sheriff. This forced Black Canary and the Huntress to flee until met in a cornfield by Harvest herself, who was then summoned to kill one of them resulting in a fight. Harvest then got the better of Canary, learning several of her skills while draining her life force leaving her an elderly woman until Lady Blackhawk's arrival drove the monster away.

Following the effects of Harvest's life drain the Birds return to the sheriff's home believing him to be the one who had summoned Harvest in an effort to cure his sick daughter. However Harvest arrives having been summoned by the true culprit the deputy in her effort to cure the little girl. The Birds then began a new battle with Harvest which ended with a point blank canary cry, leaving Harvest defeated. However when they turned back her body had disappeared while over in France a man is killed, while on the sign he is hung from the word "harvest" is written in blood.

Powers and Abilities

Harvest as a supernatural entity, who once summoned kills people who have killed and gotten away with it. When she appears she terrifies her victims by having the word Harvest appear before them in blood before draining their life energy which can be temporary if stopped before completion but on most times is fatal. The absorbed energy then goes to the people who she deems deserves it more, most frequently being sick children.

Besides this ability Harvest can also learn the skills of the people she absorbs, learning to throw a special punch Black Canary knew by having it used on her once. She is also able to heal from damage quickly because of her status as a supernatural entity, having healed from multiple gun shots from Lady Blackhawk and a point blank canarycry from the Black Canary.

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