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Background Information

Early life and the Academy

Harry Kim was born in 2349 to John and Mary Kim, who lived in South Carolina. Harry attended Starfleet Academy from 2366 to 2370. In his youth, and during his time at Starfleet Academy, Harry participated in various sports including tennis, parrises squares, volleyball and velocity.  Kim was editior of the Academy’s newspaper in his senior year, and he graduated as valedictorian. He requested to be assigned to the U.S.S. Voyager. This became his first field assignment.  
Before Voyager, Kim was involved with a woman named Libby who he met at a music festival. Though he would soon be lost in space for seven years, Kim continued to have great affection for her.  

Voyager and the Delta Quadrant 

Operations Officer, Ensign Harry Kim

Harry Kim, was assigned to Voyager in 2371 as operations officer. This was his first field assignment and he was extremely nervous, especially around the captain.  Shortly after beginning Voyagers maiden voyage, they were transported along with a Maquis vessel to the Delta Quadrant.    Voyager set out on a seven year journey, on a mission to get back home to the Alpha Quadrant. During this time, Harry was constantly put in uncomfortable situations involving the new species they encountered.  
In 2372 Voyager was duplicated by a spatial scission phenomenon. The two ships were unaware of the others existence, and attempted to stabilize their antimatter supply with proton bursts. The duplicate ship accidently damaged the original ship, while firing proton bursts. The Harry Kim aboard the damaged ship was killed when he was sucked through a hull breach. When the undamaged ship was overrun by Vidiians they were forced to self destruct, and the duplicated Kim beamed over to the original ship.  
In 2374 Seven Of Nine was introduced to the crew of Voyager. Kim became infatuated with her, but that infatuation transitioned into a friendship.   In 2375 Ensign Kim became involved with the Varro female, Derran Tal. He developed a bond with the alien, called olan’vora which caused him to fall in love with her. The doctor managed to create an antidote, but when Derran left he preferred to feel the loss of love. 
Kim played clarinet in the Juilliard Youth Symphony. He had forgotten to bring his clarinet aboard Voyager before they left on their mission, so he replicated a clarinet.   He also enjoys the game kal-toh with Tuvok, but he has never been able to beat the Lieutenant Commander.  

Tom Paris & Harry Kim

Harry Kim has a strong friendship with Tom Paris. They first met aboard Deep Space 9, when a Ferengi tried to scam Kim, but Paris helped Kim get out of the deal. Aboard Voyager they spent a lot of their free time together aboard the holodeck and they even had a double date with the Delaney sisters. Kim and Paris are viewed as opposites, as Kim is more reserved and Tom is outgoing.  

Harry Kim was portrayed by Garret Wang in the TV series “Star Trek: Voyager


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