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Harquis Tey is an Elder and Grand Practitioner of Inasis Gorgiin 101001. He is the leader of the Iridian Rebels and secretly planned to defeat the Uni-Lord and his tyrannical rule.

Tey was able to create the Outrider Symbiots, machines that housed the souls of his volunteers in an attempt to get a powerful being from another universe to help them. Outrider 111 succeeded in this task.

The Silver Surfer had arrived as savior, but he was unconscious and separated from his board. Tey found his body in the home of Khirn and was able to temporarily keep it safe from the Territorial Troopers. But the Surfer awoke when his soul was removed by a Blackbody. He fought the Blackbody but was taken into it and split into twelve pieces.

The pieces were brought to the Grand Overseer. Tey convinced them to melt the pieces down in an attempt to make a monument for the Uni-Lord's greatness and they agreed. But then the Rebels came to try to take Tey back with them. Unfortunately, Tey had been betrayed by Khirn to the Overseer and he was killed by her guards.

Although he did not live to see his plan unfold, it did work. Outrider 111 successfully infiltrated the Congregation of Finality and helped to defeat the Uni-Lord once and for all.

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