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Even though Slipstream was captured, both Steph and Det. Gage know that they have not heard the last of The Reapers. Meanwhile, the Reapers are pleased by Slipstream's capture since his incarceration will serve a greater purpose and now the Reapers have initiated a new member to the Order of the Scythe code named Harmony, a brand new enemy of Stephanie Brown, aka Batgirl. The Reapers assigned Harmony a rather peculiar mission. Harmony had to go to an abandoned convent and search the catacombs beneath the convent's floors. Harmony was instructed to retrieve any resonant DNA from a long deceased nun who was said to have the ability to cure the maladies of the accursed. Despite Harmony's sound blasting resilience, Stephanie manages to defeat Harmony. After Harmony was processed by Det. Gage at Blackgate, Oracle learns that Harmony is actually Tracey Graham, a student at Gotham University who majored in sound harmonics. It becomes clear to both Oracle and Steph that the Reapers are recruiting certain students at Gotham University because their unique talents can be beneficial to the Client who represents the Order of the Scythe.         

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