Who is better Harley Quinn or Harley Quinn?

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I have to say I'm a big fan of the Harley Quinn character back when she first appeared in Batman the Animated Series.  She was the best in the show but when her first self titled comic came out I was not a big fan.  I never even finished reading the series at about the halfway point.  She just didn't seem to have that charm like she did on the cartoon.  I like her much more in the Gotham City Sirens book because it seems to be truer to the way she was in the cartoon.  The question I pose in the title is a joke but it does seem as if there is two Harley Quinns in the comics.  I think she looses her charm when she's darker but I guess it's necessary when you have such a dark Joker like the book.  What do Harley fans think?  Is Harley nearly as cool in the darker books?

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I only know of Harley from the animated show and her appearance in Hush, but I like her.

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No matter how she's portrayed, I love her just the same! I really like her the way Dini writes her, though!
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I think Harley is not played for what she is. Which is a woman who loves psychopaths and the macabre she seems very playful and cute but there is a darkness to her that no one really brings out. She was a psychologist who wanted to work with the most dangerous maniacs and wanted to secretly be one but was to scared until she met Joker who broke her and made her that exactly. I think she is extremely flawed as a person like those women who send love letters to Charles Manson and other inmates. I think Dini like he has for many villains has liked the villain and made them more likable then he should have.

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I haven't read many of the Gotham City Sirens series yet, but I always loved Harley Quinn as she was in the Batman Animated Series :)

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I love HarleyQuinn she is my favorite.

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I am a big Harley fan ever since she appeared in the animated series, I think it depends on who writes her, Paul Dini always seems to master her and may sometimes lose his ways but often brings her back, he actually did a few of the Gotham sirens which Harley seemed to be back to herself.

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My post was deleted <.< anyways Harley LOL

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I don;t see that she ever became dark. She's as nieve, bubbleheaded, & strangely innocent & childlike as ever.

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Any Harley is my favorite i love her silly persona in Sirens it really makes her personality or her lack of one in Batman The Animated series with this one she's more of the naive girlfriend instead of the heartless psychopath trying to get with joker everytime you look up.
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I like the current development of Harley in Gotham City Sirens. Its clear Selene and Ivy are trying too ween her off her Mr J obsession. I epically liked the issue where she visited her family for Christmas. Dispute how crazy and screwed up her life has been she still has more going on with her life than the rest of her family. I view Harley as a free spirit with a hard edge.

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I thought Harley was alot like the animated version in her series. Yeah she was a bit darker at times, but it's a comic not national television, they can get away with more! I thought the comic brought alot more characterization to Harley. It kept her silliness, showed us she can't really deal with death like a normal person, and she CAN be serious and actually a little badass if needed. Harley is a really complicated character and her playfull nature is only one side of her character. She is deff a girl with problems, but that is exactly why I love her!!
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Batman the Animated Series the reason I fell in love with Harley Quinn. I do prefer the bubbly version of her, but she's pretty bad ass as the darker version. Harley Quinn love forever!

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I don't think she is nieve at all. I kind of dislike that they down play her intelligence. No matter how her story is told she still has a background in psychiatry. Sometimes she has been a doctor of psychiatry and other times she has just been a student learning psychiatry. In her 38 issues she was smart enough to get kicked out of hell and told never to come back by the devil himself none the less. This proves she got brains. She has the intelligence and physical stamina to go toe to toe with batman. There is even a clip of her in B:TOS sitting in the batmobile yelling at batman going i bet you think i am just another bubble head blonde bimbo well the jokes on you, I,m not even blonde. I like a little mix of both, She can be goofy without having to play down her intelligence. If they start making her act stupid all the time people won't take her serious just like no one takes powergirl serious cause of her enormous rack. I will stick with Harley forever though. I have been with her since the beginning and i will follow her to the end.

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