The Changing Voices Of Harley Quinn

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As a character created in a medium with sound, Harley Quinn's voice has always been easy to fit into the concept of how we read her in the comics.  There is not much more to this post than to have a look (or listen) to how she has been portrayed with her think Brooklyn accent (some of these links might need to be followed to youtube)
Batman: The Animated Series (starts at 0:08) 

The original and so could be considered the best.    
The Batman 

Not as strong an accent  

Birds of Prey (starts at 0:07) 
  Accent gone completely  

Batman The New Animated Series 
  Back to Brooklyn 

Batman: Brace and the Bold  (starts at 0:10)
 Not really an accent at all, just a different sounding voice.   

And a couple of video games ... 
Batman: Arkham Asylum  (starts at 0:22) 
Very toned down accent but still there a little  

Batman: Arkham City 
  Back to Brooklyn
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Hm. Interesting, I should note that the embedding is disabled on the first two videos, but I'm digging the compilation. The last one is the best as it is more realistic and feasible than the others.

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Yay Harley. PS the one you call The new Animated Series is called The Batman and vice versa.

#3 Posted by ARMIV2 (9269 posts) - - Show Bio

I like that Batman: The Brave and the Bold look for her.

#4 Posted by Yumulu (764 posts) - - Show Bio

Whoa voices in video game really sound fake and forced. Anyway Harley got one freakishly annoying voice, but for me the first one is the most bearable.

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@Daveyo520: OK noted but too hard to change
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I most enjoyed her accent in her first appearance.

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Terra Strong and the original are by far the bests.

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Sorkin, Walch, and Strong all did really excellent jobs. Arleen Sorkin is, obviously, the original. She's indisputably the best because she IS Harley Quinn, the character was based specifically off of her voice. Hynden Walch channeled Starfire a bit, the voice was higher and "cuter", but it definitely still worked. She also wins points for the hands-down best evil laugh. Tara Strong is the most realistic and subdued portrayal, perfect for the game though I still do need to play it. My opinions anyway (even if they're all right). Cool post.

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Arleen Sorkin (the original) is my favorite voice actor for Harley. When I think of Harley, it's her voice I hear in my head. :)

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i heard that the arkham city game people did not want tara to just copy arleen sorkin so she did a little of arleen and a little of her own take on harley quinn.

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I like Tara Strong's voice as HQ the most.

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