It's Really Not Her

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Okay, yes, yes, ever since the New 52 we've had to deal with the fact that characters are a little different. "Not the way we left them."

However, I think Harley Quinn fans may have a bit more on their side. "She's not the same!" we cry out. "No, it's a reboot, she's different!" you retort.

I have reason to believe that she is actually a DIFFERENT PERSON.

Mild spoilers if you haven't read Suicide Squad #15 :

Here, Joker states that there have been many Harleys before this one. He has a constant influx of them. This Harley being a literal different person, and the "old" one being dead or gone, explains the radically different attitude, outfit, and backstory. Also the fact that so far, Harley has shown no actual history with anyone besides Joker -- she has yet to even mention Ivy.

This Harley was unable to snap out of those manacles like they were cardboard, and was also poisoned, which means that she doesn't have powers and never took Ivy's potion.

Think about it.

Edit: If it actually plays out like this, I get boss level bragging rights until forever.

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The conspiracy is uncovered...

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Well, that's just plain stupid. Just me though.

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@Joygirl: This explains so much O_O

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@Twentyfive: I am stupid for thinking it, or DC is stupid for doing it?

Because if you wanna throw hands we can throw hands. I'm not afraid to hit a boy.

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I only think of Harley with Batman TAS where she was awesome. Outside of Dini writing her, never really cared for Harley in the comics

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@Joygirl said:

@SUNMAN: Have you read Gotham City Sirens?

Her solo by Karl Kesel?

Joker's Asylum II: Harley Quinn?

no I haven't read the last two. I may have read 1 or 2 issues of Gotham City Sirens back when Dick was running around as Batman

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@Twentyfive said:

Well, that's just plain stupid. Just me though.

Very compelling argument. Care to elaborate?

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@Joygirl: Lol. I like you. No, I meant DC is stupid. I apologize.

Sorry bout that!

I don't read any of the Bat books anymore. They don't interest me.

@wildvine: Actually, I don't really. I wasn't really talking about her. I read her post, then I read the scans she provided above, and I briefly forgot about everything in the world, except that there may have been more Harleys.

And I don't think Joygirl needs you to defend her. One reply is more than enough.

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@Twentyfive: Ah, alright then. ^_^

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I count 22 skulls. Does that mean 22 harley's?

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@TheCrowbar: Unless the whole thing is a bluff on Joker's part, which would be silly since he planned for her to die there.

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dammit I hadn't read SS yet! but this is a nice spoiler. WEIRD AND FREAKY

I dont know what to think. I'm not the biggest Harley fan either, I never watched Batman TAS and only know her from Akham Asylum & City and from a few comics (including suicide squad)

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I don't think that's the case. Anyway, later in that same issue (or maybe it was a subsequent one), when Joker discovers that she's slipped her chains, he mentions that she "just might yet become what he needs her to be," or something to that effect. As far as the cell with all the "Harleys," I could easily see Joker pulling a stunt like that in order to manipulate her. Notice, for example, that despite the bodies no longer being anything but bones, the clothing looks to be in relatively good shape.

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@Joygirl said:

@TheCrowbar: Unless the whole thing is a bluff on Joker's part, which would be silly since he planned for her to die there.

I hope not, that adds a whole new level to Harley!

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It's a great theory, explains a lot, and I'd love it if the real Harley was out there somewhere, but this Harley is called Harleen Quinzel, according to the flashback.

However, if she's been brainwashed, cloned, or is just crazy, maybe the flashback isn't really true, and she just thinks she's the real Harley.

That could make for an interesting showdown, classic Harley vs New Harley. Mallets At Dawn!

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@V_Scarlotte_Rose: Especially since she was dumped in chemicals. Joker claimed they were the same ones he was dumped in -- BUT, wouldn't you think those would have been disposed of? More likely his own concoction. A special harley-making formula.

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That's dumb if that isn't the real one.If feels like Clone Saga all over again.

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@Joygirl: Yeah, good point. Why would he have kept a vat of chemicals? Unless he just meant the same recipe/formula.

Speaking of which, isn't it weird that she went in fully blonde, and came out with two-tone hair, right down the middle?! I can believe the chemicals could change your hair colour, but not like that.

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@Joygirl: I can see clearly now the rain is gone.

Seriously that makes some sense. Serious bragging right for sure if you're right!

#23 Posted by Joygirl (20855 posts) - - Show Bio

@Blood1991: Fo' sho'

@V_Scarlotte_Rose: Unless Joker specifically designed it that way. Since if it WAS the same chemicals it would have made her hair green. So clearly it was not.

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I'm going to apply your theory to the rest of DC's characters in the "new" 52.

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I don't think so. Joker calls her Harleen. She calls herself Harleen Quinzel after her recovery from being shot and none of the Suicide Squad employees correct her. She even calls the Joker Puddin. I doubt he asks to be called that. She would had to known the previous Harley to know that info. But she was surprised when the Joker showed her the previous women's bodies.

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@Joygirl: Oh yeah, good point.

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@Nightwing28710: Unless the chemical mix somehow has old Harley's memory/personality built in. Weirder things have happened in comics.

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Ya this is a sick idea. She could be completely brainwashed into thinking she's the real Harley (no memory before the vat of acid and everything else was brainwashed into her) It would be also a hilarious explanation as to why this Harley never mentions Poison Ivy, seemingly not knowing anything about her. I'll take it! ...that being said, the real Harley is probably dead. It's cute to imagine the Joker took the time to try and replace her.

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If this were true it'd make certain aspects of new Harley easier to swallow...alas, I highly doubt DC will go down this route. While some of the Harley vets would throw parties if it were revealed that old Harley were still around, DC would have to worry about disillusioning scores of new readers who have been invested in new Harley for the past year and a half.

Rest assured, one day something will happen and Harley will be completely rebooted once more - hopefully into a more classic interpretation.

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I hate the DCNU but Harley is one of the few characters others being Jason Todd,Wonder Woman,Penguin etc to actually benefit from the reboot.

Now she's an actual character instead of nuisance.

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You know, even for a Marvel fan like me, even I think this would go a long way in explaining the New52 Harley. Why even have that on panel if it's just some odd off thing?

I am hoping you get those bragging rights, JG.

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I honestly just figured he was messing with her head. Certainly wouldn't be the first time -- heck, first time in DotF, even -- that he had used people/bodies/skeletons/etc. to trick people. Getting her to think she was his creation might strip her of the independence she was displaying and make her think she really was nothing without her Mr. J. If his remarks really were meant to be taken literally, this would be a really weird way to introduce Joker's capacity for super-advanced human cloning.

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I've set up a petition to get her back. Probably won't do anything but I have 21 supporters so far, not a bad start:

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jokers dungeon

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Boy I'm glad I jumped that sinking ship a long time ago.

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This doesn't mean Harleen is dead right? Man, Joker is pure evil. I hope Todd gives that scumbag the death he deserves. And by that I mean long, cruel, excrutiating torture.

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