Harley's Power Level

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Harley's been around for nineteen years now. Not too shabby. Made in 1992, same year as Carnage, Spawn, and the movie Army of Darkness, so it's no wonder why she rocks. However, something has always been pretty inconsistent with her -- power level. In TAS she was barely better than the average mook, C+ at best. Later on she did get a bit tougher, such as with the pogo stick incident in Superman/Batman: World's Finest. Then in the comics she showed a bit more competence, and ended up even getting limited superpowers from Ivy, making her a serious force to be reckoned with. I haven't read the new Suicide Squad, but I'm concerned -- will the rebooted Harley retain her powers? She can't be demoted to mook considering her prominent role on a pretty tough team, but she could certainly be demoted to a tough, acrobatic girl with a big hammer. What do you guys think about her fluctuating power level? Where do you like her best? And how tough is she in the reboot?

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She's in a secret government strike foarce trust me her power levels fine

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Her greatest feat is beating Killer Croc, but then again everyone has beaten Killer Croc.

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@RainEffect said:
That awkward moment when I don't remember EVER posting that. >.>
@CitizenBane said:

Her greatest feat is beating Killer Croc, but then again everyone has beaten Killer Croc.

She beat Croc?! When and how?
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@RainEffect: In her solo series, she hit him in the nuts with her hammer or something like that. The entire book was ridiculous fan service. At one point Harley was holding her own against Tim Drake and Cassandra Cain at the same time, and another time she slammed Batman into the ground.

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@CitizenBane: Was it written by Loeb?
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@RainEffect: Nah, it was Terry Dodson and a few other guys.

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I hate the fluctuation. See seems to be competent in Suicide Squad and her showings were well to do likewise prior to DCnU.

I always believed at some early point she had been enhanced on a physical level by Poison Ivy, making her somewhat of a

Quintessential super soldier serum recipient of sorts, but I can't recall if that was canon or not.

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I like her as Joker's enforcer. She should be "muscle," albeit in acrobatic form.

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She certainly had some power over Deadshot.

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Well, considering that she was able to easily beat Savant and Deadshot with no more than a bloody nose (the end bit obviously doesn't count), I'd say she's had a bit of an upgrade.

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