Harley's first appearance?

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This page has it listed as Batman: Harley Quinn #1, but she appeared YEARS before then in issues of Batman Adventures, just not sure which of those issues she first surfaced in, anyone know?

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That's her first canon appearance.  Up until that point, Harley was only a creation of the Batman Animated Series... but yes, technically I'd say that since she had appeared in print then those should be taken as her first appearance.

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technically her first comic appearance was in Batman: Thrillkiller, an elseworlds title

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issue 12-in Sep 1992-This one was titled Batgirl Adventures
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harleyquinn12 said:
@eganthevile1: issue 12-in Sep 1992-This one was titled Batgirl Adventures

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Batman Adventures 12 was her first appearance out of continuity,   
Batman: Harley Quinn was her first in DC Comics continuity 

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