Harley Quinn with Harlequin's Illusion Casting Glasses

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How much damage do you think she could do, and what kind of illusions would she cast? Would they be messed up, crazy illusions, of the type you might associate with the Joker, or would they be way more manipulative, given her experience as a pyschologist?

(BTW, Harlequin is an Alan Scott/ GL villainess.)

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She might create illusions of the Joker!

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I wanna see her in the new Batman .

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lol, that's actually one of the things I thought! She's so nuts for him, she probably would make illusions of him, when he's not around.  That could be comical as all get-out.
In DC Comics Presents #72, the Joker gained some kind of magical or cosmic power, and created all kinds of werid stuff, kind of making his madness into a universe.  I could see Harley doing similar with the glasses. 
I could also see her using them in a more psychological way, really usig them to play with the mind of Batman or whoever she might be fighting.  Or maybe to use against some hapless victim.  I could see some edgy stories with her and the glasses.
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That would Be a Neat Idea... But I Can't Imagine Her doing much more than Offing Batman and Manipulating the Joker with them...

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