Harley Quinn DLC Skin Revealed for 'Injustice: Gods Among Us'

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Yesterday we saw a brand new skin for Cyborg, and today Injustice is showing off a new (yet old) alternate costume for Harley Quinn! There's a clear theme behind these upcoming skins: going back to the classics.

Dancing around as classic Quinn and throwing cupcake bombs is sure to be a blast. Two down, two to go. It seems pretty obvious the next two reveals will be Deathstroke and Wonder Woman. Am I totally bonkers or do you agree those are clearly the remaining options?

No release date has been provided for the new skins. However, the first downloadable character, Lobo, will be released on May 7th.

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The face is kind of off but I'm digging the suit. I can't wait to see the others soon!

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Some people say the deathstroke skin is actually ravager...

Me? I'm not seeing that boob people keep talking about

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I miss Harley's old look. I hate her current appearance, it's too weird even for her.

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Liking the classic skin Harley!

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Looks Good

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Where is Black Adam new 52???

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Wish her face was not so scrunched and awful.

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Looks great, but Cyborg got a lot of bad feed back on the Injustice FB, so guys go tell them how awesome these skins are. They need more happy feedback.

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Awesome. I was just saying they needed to include this. All the new hyper-sexualized costume redesigns Harley's been getting lately have all been awful.

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@rigormortis said:

Awesome. I was just saying they needed to include this. All the new hyper-sexualized costume redesigns Harley's been getting lately have all been awful.

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She should have had a huge grin on her face and more lip stick . When I see that costume , I can only think of Harley saying Mr.J!

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@stormbox: Maybe they mean Grant Wilson instead of Rose. He was the first Ravager after all.

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@stormbox: Yeah, I think people are thinking that intense pec muscle is a full fledged boob..

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Classic Harley?

Okay, NOW I'll get the game.

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Least they got the eyes right...

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I'm buying this kin pack for the Wonder Woman one. Next week needs to come quick.

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Nice, looks just like she does in the show. I see nothing wrong with her face. Looks sick

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Those are the obvious last ones

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Seriously give black adam one:(

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Looks better.

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I tell you, its classic Deathstroke and Odyssey Wonder Woman for the other two.

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@ccraft: haha, what are you, their mom?

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I'd like to see Batman 666, New 52 Green Arrow, Dick Grayson's Batman (as a Nightwing alt), and maybe some of the other Green Lantern characters as alts for Hal Jordan.

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I have a bad feeling this game will double in cost.

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Harley? Is that you? It's been so long. Some horrible imposter has been in your place thrusting her T&A in my face in your absence.

Cannot lie, so excited I might puke.

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