Harley Quinn Clothing

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Hey, I was driven to find some online Harley Quinn forums by a renewed love for the amazingness that is Harley. I was thinking of cosplaying as her at an upcoming con and wanted to know any tips that you guys might have, or even suggestions about which Harley I should go as. I know I could look on sites like cosplay.com, but I wanted to look in places where the real Harley fans would be lurking too :P

It all started because I came across this hoodie on Deviantart


Its so cool and rekindled my love of all Harley type clothing. I was also thinking about decorating some shoes with images of her from the comics but none of my local stores seem to have any, does anyone here have a suggestion on where I could buy some online??

Thanks!! :)

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Might these help?

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Oh My God!! Those are AMAZING!!

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Now if only I knew where they came from. XD But the shoes I got by googling "jester shoes"... hoodie is an old thing I saw, but it does have a URL in the pic soooo.

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